Women are just discovering why their shirts button on the left and not on the right

Women’s blouses tend to button up on the left, while men’s shirts are more likely to have right-side closures – and there’s an interesting reason why.

Women’s shirt button on the left, but why?

It’s been an interesting year of discovery for women – more specifically, women’s clothing – as two stories have emerged explaining why they are different from men’s clothing.

Now internet sleuths have turned to shirts and why women’s buttons are on the opposite side of men’s.

As the Daily Star Reportsthere are a variety of theories as to why this may be the case, and one dates back to when men were locked in battle, and another theory relates to raising children.

Melanie M. Moore, founder of women’s blouse brand Elizabeth & Clarke, has a different theory and thinks she may have discovered the reason once and for all.

There are many theories as to why women’s shirts button on the left


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One theory is that men’s shirts had buttons on the right side because most men held their swords in their right hand.

This meant that they needed to be able to unbutton their shirts quickly to fight, and unbuttoning with their left hand was quicker.

As for why women’s pimples are on the left, many believe it’s because women tend to carry their baby in their left arm.

It is possible that women’s shirts were designed to be opened or closed with the free right hand to facilitate breastfeeding, so they were buttoned on the left and opened on the right.

It may also be because long ago, women were expected to ride side-saddle.

Buttoning to the left may have kept the breeze from blowing their shirts as they galloped through the fields.

Another possible explanation for the variation in button placement could be attributed to the rise of emancipation when women began to abandon their belts in favor of trousers and other traditionally masculine garments.

As a practical technique of distinguishing between men’s and women’s clothing, manufacturers placed buttons on the left side of women’s clothing.

Melanie M. Moore, founder of women’s blouse brand Elizabeth & Clarke, has a different theory.

“When buttons were invented in the 13th century, they were, like most new technologies, very expensive,” she told Today.

“Wealthy women back then didn’t dress themselves – their lady’s maid did. Since most people were right-handed, it was easier for someone standing across from you to button your dress.”

There are a variety of possible reasons why men’s and women’s shirts are buttoned up differently.

At this point, however, it all boils down to good old-fashioned tradition.

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