Woman finds ‘crazy’ boys wear football shirts to watch game

One woman has expressed how she finds it ‘crazy’ for guys to put on their football shirts to watch the game on TV – and the men really aren’t happy.

Ellie Millar has caused controversy on TikTok after she shared a clip mocking guys who wear the sports top just for the duration of the game.

Although many people found his achievement amusing, many football fans did not.

In the clip which racked up 1.3million views, Ellie filmed her partner sitting on the sofa in his football shirt as he watched the Manchester United and Chelsea game.

She wrote: ‘Isn’t it crazy how guys change their tops to watch a football match?

To prove her point, Ellie hilariously put a vampire filter on her face, which made her look like the bloodsucking paranormal character.

Ellie noticed that the boys like to watch the game in football shirts

Ellie wrote: “Like imagine me watching Vampire Diaries like this.”

And, to really get in the mood, the brunette wrapped herself up in a throw like Count Dracula would with his cape.

Understanding his point, many people fled to the comments to poke fun at guys wearing football shirts to watch the game on TV.

One user mocked, “I’m just gonna put my scrubs on [to] watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Another user laughed, “Gotta watch Corrie dressed as Gail Platt.”

woman with vampire filter
That would be an interesting viewing!

While a third person agreed: “But as if you were right.”

Someone else laughed, “Me dressed up like a giant dictionary to watch the countdown.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person noted, “I never thought of it like that, now I’m screaming.”

Despite some laughter from some, a barrage of football fans rushed to defend their shirt-wearing behavior.

One boy lambasted: “Women don’t understand.”

This person said: “So why have the kit if you’re not wearing it in the game, common sense.”

Another user defended himself: “Well, I do that too. I have to support your team.

A fourth person snapped: “Not even a close comparison.”

And, someone else expressed, “It’s good luck.”

Let us know in the comments what you think of people wearing football shirts to watch the game on TV!

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