Wisconsin’s Omicron Family Restaurant Sells Corona T-Shirts

Family-owned Omicron restaurant in West Bend, Wisconsin has officially sold out of its Corona t-shirts … but don’t worry, there’s more to come.

The restaurant decided to have fun with the matching names for the latest Corvid variant and the name of their company after people continued to walk in and take selfies with the Omicron sign, saying they had Corona there- low.

The family owned Omicron restaurant is located about 40 miles north of Milwaukee and has been around for about 30 years. The owner was on WFRV saying his father and uncle started the restaurant together after coming to America at the age of 14 and having gained a lot of experience under their belt.

West Bend, Wisconsin, Fun Facts

  • On November 25, 1853, the county council attempted to change the name from West Bend to Lamartine City. However, this change was not well received and the name was changed 18 hours later. (FUN!)
  • During the Civil War, the project was unpopular with some residents of Washington County. On the day that men from the nearby town of Trenton were drafted into the West Bend courthouse, a crowd disrupted the proceedings and forced the requisition commissioner to flee to Milwaukee.
    • A few days later the guy came back to town, this time with six companies from the 30th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment. There were no more disturbances. (FUN!)
Look how big it is! WEST BEND MEMORIAL LIBRARY – Google
  • In 2009, a local couple complained to the West Bend Community Memorial Library about the presence of “sexually explicit books” and “youth books on homosexuality” in the young adult section of the library. This led to the expected hoo-ha and ultimately the library board voted to reject any restrictions on young adult access to library books. (FUN!)
  • West Bend is the hometown of Andrea Loraine Boehlke, best known for her appearances in Survivor. (OK, that’s really fun. You’ve seen it everywhere on TV, not just on Survivor).

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