What you need right now is a knit polo shirt


At the other end of the trend pool, there were a handful of labels that focused solely on showcasing bespoke pieces, presumably in an effort to steer customers away from jersey and terrycloth clothing. Paul Smith, for example, showed off a collection of classic work clothes and trendy suits. “Due to the lockdown, everyone is wearing sportswear, sportswear, sportswear,” Smith said. GQ recently. “But I don’t need to show it. I need to show off things that turn people on, things that aren’t crazy that you can easily add to your existing wardrobe, but that aren’t just a hoodie or whatever.

Jil Sander AW21

Most labels, however, have landed somewhere in the middle. And nowhere is this sartorial compromise more noticeable than in the sudden proliferation of knit polo shirts that popped up in a multitude of presentations during the just passed AW21 digital menswear month.

Featuring all the required elements of a classic shirt (point collars, button plackets, buttons) without any wrinkled discomfort, knit polo shirts have been paired with the most stylish suits and the most understated sweatpants. The best was found in thick cashmere and bright hues at Jil Sander and Prada, as well as in softer, lighter constructions (but no less color and verve) at Fendi and Hermès.

Hermès FW21

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