Wellen’s Oaxaca Edit collection is full of lightweight summer shirts

Those who have been to Oaxaca – a Mexican state with an eponymous capital, Oaxaca de Juárez — get to know its splendors: locally made mezcal, traditional cocines and dynamic mercados. There’s plenty to see, do and taste, with plenty of locals ready to guide you to your next destination. (For those who have not yet landed in the southern state of Mexico, I do not envy your ferna German word that roughly translates to “travel sickness”, i.e. longing to be somewhere you’ve never been.)

Luckily for the latter, however, Wellen – a surf brand acquired by retailer Huckberry in 2018 – has just released a collection of short-sleeved shirts inspired by the tones and textures of Oaxaca, as well as the locals – namely Eddie Ceballos , who offered a list of recommendations in the region for The Journal of Huckberry and replaced professional models in the campaign lookbook.

The shirts are clearly comfortable at high temperatures.


Some of the nine shirts feature surf prints inspired by scenic Puerto Escondido while others emphasize certain textures over colorful patterns. The Easy Hemp short-sleeved shirts, to be precise, are reminiscent of the handcrafted rugs – heavy but breathable and a bit nappy – that you’ll find in local markets. They’re made in India from 90% cotton (for breathability) and 10% hemp (for texture) with custom sun buttons.

Buttons are one of the only constants between the three types, Organic Cotton Camp Collar Shirts, the aforementioned Easy Hemp Short Sleeve Shirts, and Easy Collar Short Sleeve Shirts. Viewed together, however, they definitely work; there’s a clear cohesion, and that’s because of the region they come from, which is traditional yet innovative and quiet yet incredibly cool.

Of the bunch, the Easy Hemp Short Sleeve Shirts in Stucco Stripe or Navy Micro Stripe are the safest bets, mainly because they’ll pair with more bottoms. But patterned camp collars are also a solid choice, especially in the height of summer. They’re lightweight, easy to wear unbuttoned, and very flattering…plus, they’re all pretty affordable too.

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