Vancouver company selling t-shirts on barges for flood victims

It’s a wearable meme … with a special twist.

“As the world crumbles, burns and floods all around us, sometimes all you can do is… create a meme.”

This is 6-OH-4 Clothing’s take on their latest t-shirt design which features a photo of the English Bay Barge in Vancouver along with text that reads “Sorry to barge in”.

On November 14, the barge caused a sensation in Vancouver when high winds swept the ship on the shores of Sunset Beach. Since its arrival, the barge has made national headlines, spawned its own social media presence and has become a favorite meeting place among locals.

The t-shirt is one of the many memes created around the houseboat, but this wearable meme comes with a special twist.

“With each sale, partial proceeds will be donated to @croixrougecanada to help those affected by severe flooding in British Columbia,” 6-OH-4 Clothing wrote in a recent social media post.

Despite reports that the barge would be pulled up on Sunday, November 21, the imposing potential monument remains and as long as it is, the shirts will continue to be sold.

“As long as this thing persists, I will continue to sell these shirts,” the post continued. “It’s fast becoming the fan favorite print and I couldn’t be more flattered! “

A spokesperson for Sentry Marine Towing, the company that owns the barge, recently said Vancouver is awesome the barge will probably not move until December 6th. This is when a rising tide, a much larger tide than usual, should cause the water levels around the barge to rise.

“Mother Nature put it there and we need Mother Nature to help us take it out,” the spokesperson said.

GOING THROUGH also sells a barge t-shirt designed by local artist Tyler Quarles.

With files from Brendan Kergin

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