Tuesday, October 19 2021
Crisp Clothing launched the Kickstarter campaign to showcase their high quality custom shirts. The company launched the Perfect Fitting custom shirt on Kickstarter and is looking to raise $ 20,000 to market it. Crisp’s unique personalized shirts are designed for each individual using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

Founded in 2016 by a father and son, Swapnil and Prakash Kamble, Crisp Clothing aims to empower men to stop settling for ill-fitting standard size shirts that are only available in small, medium and large. Crisp Clothing has made ordering custom shirts online easier than ever. Unique to Crisp Clothing is its technology-based measurement process, which can accurately calculate her body measurements just by referring to her height and weight. Allowing their clients to avoid traditional tape measures or the services of a tailor while achieving the perfectly fitted shirt. Crisp Clothing is the easiest and most technologically advanced way to order custom shirts online.

“For more than 20 years, our factory in Mumbai, India, has been manufacturing shirts for some of the best-known brands in the industry. We now use this hands-on experience to produce high quality custom shirts, which are handcrafted by skilled tailors using the same sewing practices and industry standard process as other premium fashion brands. Said Swapnil Kamble, founder of Crisp Clothing.

Men’s 100% Egyptian cotton shirts are available on Kickstarter for $ 78, which is $ 30 off the retail price. If a Crisp Clothing shirt needs to be altered after receiving it, the company will refund the wearer $ 20 per shirt.

Based in Mumbai, the Crisp Clothing team have been making shirts since 1997, but this time they are launching their own brand. (SV)

Fibre2Fashion Press Office – India

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