Undesirable Joy Golf T Shirts For Anglers

PETALING JAYA: It was by chance that Hisham Misripin discovered that used golf t-shirts were highly sought after items by poor east coast fishermen.

Back then, the co-founder of an eco-charity platform called EcoFreeMarket (EFM) was on a charity distribution trip to Delta Sungai Kelantan three years ago after collecting used T-shirts and bicycles to donate.

One of the donors had collected used golf t-shirts from his golfing friends and wanted to give them to low-income people.

“The reactions I’ve had from the anglers have been incredible,” Hisham said.

“They asked me several times if we really wanted to offer them this kind of T-shirts. They liked the material and asked for more.

The T-shirts were of good quality and had only been worn once or had never been used.

“From what I understand golfers would get a new T-shirt for every competition they go to,” Hisham said.

“The t-shirts would not be used for other golf tournaments as details of the events are printed on them.”

Instead of keeping them in their cupboards, Hisham persuaded golfers to donate them.

“Fishermen are the ones who can really use the T-shirts because they work in tough conditions at sea. A good quality T-shirt would last them a long time and help them save money instead of having to buy new ones. other clothes that aren’t as durable.

Over the past three years, the EFM has distributed 60 such T-shirts to more than 50 anglers.

He is now collecting more golf t-shirts for 150 poor fishermen and farmers in Kelantan and Perak.

Hisham has 25 volunteers helping him collect 200 targeted t-shirts in his latest campaign called “Golf Shirts for Fishermen”, which ends February 28.

It will work with a local non-governmental organization based in Kelantan to distribute the items to those in need.

Those wishing to donate golf T-shirts can do so at the EFM collection point at 11, Jalan Serambi U8/27 in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.

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