TK Maxx Slammed For T-Shirts That Call Girls ‘Cute But Psycho’

T-shirts with the “cute but psycho” logo have been pulled from shelves after a deluge of complaints from parents.

TK Maxx says it removed girls’ tops from all of its stores after the issue was brought to light.

The t-shirts, with garish pink and white text, were on sale in stores across the country but have since been pulled and will no longer be on sale, a spokesperson said.

Registered psychologist Dr Jessica Taylor first shared an image of the tops on social media earlier this week and said: “These ‘cute but psycho’ t-shirts are currently on sale at TK Maxx.

“Why do we fetishize ‘psychosis’ and then put it on the clothes of women and girls? What is the purpose of sexualizing women’s mental health? »

The tweet received responses from far in line with the sentiment.

Were they right to remove them from the shelf? Have your say below

The T-shirts were slammed online – and forced the High Street chain to act

Vanessa Brown tweeted, “I’m sick of seeing this on girls/women’s clothes.”

Lizzie added: “Have we learned nothing from the debacle of mentally ill costume flogging for Halloween? Jesus bloody christ.

Fiona French commented: “It makes no sense. One minute we have mental health awareness campaigns and the next minute we have ‘psycho’ plastered on a t-shirt to make money for t-shirt makers and people buy that shit.

TK Maxx client Liza Laws added: ‘This is insulting and a joke. Makes me think twice about shopping there to be honest.”

TK Maxx apologized and said the tops were an oversight and that he removed them from sale when notified.

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