This $55 polo shirt definitely answers the question, “What should I wear today?” »

At GQ, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all style solutions. Each of you – our valued readers, our adoring subscribers, even our tireless Instagram comment section trolls – have a set of dress codes entirely and distinctly your own, and it would be rude of us to assume that one item of clothing will work for you. and look good on each one of you. We are not here to prescribe absolutely certain things to you. Homework own or control any kind of fashion laws; we are just here to recommend (hence the name!) things we love with the aim of complementing and amplifying your personal tastes. All this said: we have found the perfect shirt, guys. It’s going to look great on all of you. And you can wear it just about anywhere.

Friends, allow us to introduce you to the full placket polo shirt. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a polo shirt with a placket that runs the length of the shirt, like a buttonhole. This one minor tweak gives an already versatile and highly attractive silhouette all the flexibility of an Olympic gymnast. Suddenly, your ideal bicep-enhancing polo shirt is now also a cardigan that will look like it’s skimming over t-shirts, a dress shirt that you can wear with a blazer and trousers, and a vacation shirt that you can leave wide open by the pool in your flashiest trunks . They ooze mid-century, Miles Davis cool, but also feel right now, Tom Holland-on-a-press-junket fresh. They are, as were U2 records in the 80s and 90s, all at once for everyone everywhere.

So the next time you find yourself wondering: world should I wear today? take a deep breath and relax, because now you have a definitive answer. Meeting a blind date in a bar? Slip into one of these bad boys with a ribbed tank top, thin gold chain and tough blue jeans. Going to your friend’s outdoor wedding? Cotton suit, shiny loafers, polo shirt with wide button placket and wide spread collar. Do you have your usual Saturday morning tennis session? Leave a few buttons undone on swishy shorts and crisp white sneakers. Whatever your plans, whatever your body type, whatever your fashion taste, one of these next-level and incredibly affordable polo shirts is guaranteed to improve your fit and earn you plenty of compliments. If you have a chest and a place to be, these are the shirts for you.

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