The Ralph Lauren polo celebrates its 50th anniversary

When Ralph Lauren released its first polo shirt in 1972, the Polo label was only five years old and it was looking to release a garment that would stand out in a crowded market. Instead of just making a plain polyester polo shirt for sports, Lauren decided to release hers in a range of different colors. He crafted it from lightweight cotton so its colors age gracefully over time. He made sure the rib-knit collar of his shirt would sit high on the neck and be stiff enough to pull it up for style or shade the back of the neck. Even the shirt’s placket, with its two distinctive cross-stitch buttons, has been meticulously designed to always lie perfectly flat on the wearer. Finally, Lauren embroidered a little Polo pony logo to not only make her shirt fashionable, but to remind of the very sport her brand is named after. Lauren has built a brand that has defined American fashion for the past 50 years, and her polo shirt has remained one of her most iconic designs.

To celebrate the 50e anniversary of polo, Ralph Lauren released a 496-page coffee table book with Rizzoli earlier this year titled Ralph Lauren polo shirt. For Lauren’s son, David Lauren, creating a book was the perfect way to celebrate 50 years of poloe anniversary.

“The polo shirt has always been an important part of Ralph Lauren’s DNA, and maintaining its popularity and timelessness for 50 years is an impressive feat of which we are deeply proud,” says David, who is also Chief Brand and the innovation of Ralph Lauren. “It felt natural to tell the story of how the shirt has evolved over the years and to look at it through the eyes of those who know it best – the celebrities, notables and real people who brought it to life. with them at every stage of their lives.

Ralph Lauren polo shirt offers a broad overview of the polo’s impact not only on fashion, but also on wider pop culture. The book includes quotes from celebrities like Sean “Diddy” Combs, Kanye West and Jerry Seinfeld describing what wearing Lauren’s polo shirt meant to them. It features an extensive photo archive of the most popular polo shirts released by the brand over the past 50 years, and breaks down the unique logos, themes and prints that make them highly sought after by collectors today. Speaking of collectors, the Lo Lifes, Thirstin Howl III, and other characters familiar to all “Lo Head” feature prominently in the book. Simply put, the book sums up just about everything you’ll need to know about one of Ralph Lauren’s must-haves.

We had the opportunity to chat with David about the making of the book, the importance of Polo’s 1992 Stadium collection, why Ralph Lauren’s Polo Bear embroideries have rarely changed, and more.

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