The English football shirts you might have lying around that are worth £ 100


With the excitement for the Euro probably at its peak, football fans are being told of the memories that could be worth a fortune.

The team at have put together the 10 most treasured pieces in English football history that could be sitting around collecting dust in fans’ homes. The list is at the bottom of this article.

Football fans could be sitting on a secret treasure after a new study named the most valuable collectibles that may be hidden in homes across the country.

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From classic jersey replicas to sticker albums and other football memorabilia, fans might be sitting on a gold mine and not knowing it.

And it looks like Gareth Southgate and his men have driven up the price of English treasures.

England shirts tend to increase in value over time, so it’s always a good idea to invest in a shirt around tournament time as it can be worth a few pennies in years to come. A 2002 Michael Owen England home shirt and Emile Heskey’s 2009 England number 9 home shirt currently sell for £ 499.99 and £ 399.99 respectively.

Even newer shirts like Frank Lampard’s 2010 World Cup away shirt are valued at over £ 100 online.

Finding valuables can sometimes be a difficult task, especially when you don’t know what to look for.

Game day programs are a good place to start looking for valuable memorabilia, they will be the most common item to find, and depending on the time of year can be very profitable as well.

English programs before and after WWII can easily sell for between £ 100 and £ 5,000, with some issues going for up to £ 10,000.

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Another avenue to explore for finding treasured souvenirs from England is the world of exchangeable cards.

With brands like Panini and Topps releasing new editions every year, there is always a great opportunity to collect valuable cards.

Avid card collectors may be lucky enough to have the Euro Prizm 2016 card from English skipper Harry Kane, which costs over £ 75 online.

Former Three Lions skipper and all-time Premier League top scorer Alan Shearer also has an expensive card, with his Upper Deck card from 1997 currently worth around £ 100.

Top 10 Souvenirs From England To Watch Out For

  1. 1936 England v Hungary International Friendly Program – £ 499.99
  2. 2002 Michael Owen England Home Shirt – £ 499.99
  3. Emile Heskey 2009 England Number 9 Home Shirt – £ 399.99
  4. England Gareth Southgate Home Shirt 1995-97 – £ 299.99
  5. Mini EURO 1996 England Ball – £ 199.99
  6. Adidas Predator David Beckham World Cup Boots – £ 120
  7. Alan Shearer 1997 Upper Deck Card – £ 100
  8. Adidas ADIPURE Boots – € 99.99
  9. Euro 2000 Panini England Team Sticker Set – £ 89.99
  10. Prizm Euro 2016 Harry Kane Card – £ 75

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