The Bristol Press – Scam claiming to sell Fire Department T-shirts reported in Southington



SOUTHINGTON – A scam reported in other area fire departments – including Terryville – has now hit Southington.

Southington Firefighters this week warned residents who receive an offer to buy a shirt, under the guise that it is somehow approved by the Southington Fire Department, not to open the message or click on the link.

A photo of a shirt shared by the service via Facebook shows the Southington Fire Department logo, as well as a kneeling firefighter. The t-shirt reads: “Represent the flag, kneel for those who have fallen.” ”

The image shared by firefighters indicates that the seller claims the shirt is only available until January 6.

“It’s a scam,” the Southington Fire Department wrote in a statement.

The fire department, the statement continued, “does not currently sell shirts.”

Southington Police said on Thursday that they were not currently involved in an investigation into the t-shirt scam as they have not received any complaints from anyone claiming to have been a victim.

Anyone who has given out personal information or anything of monetary value can report it to the Southington Police Department, as Lt. Keith Egan has said the police will “investigate any complaint that is made.”

This type of scam has been reported in other parts of the country, including states like Wisconsin, Illinois, and Massachusetts.

Locally, it has recently been reported from Terryville, Harwinton and Burlington.

Anyone who receives an SMS or email offering the sale of approved t-shirts from their local fire department has been encouraged to verify with the department concerned that such a sale exists and is not of a scam.

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Posted in The Bristol Press, Southington Herald on Thursday, Jan.6, 2022, 1:15 p.m. Update: Thursday January 6, 2022 1:17 PM.


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