The best pre-match football shirts of 2021-22 to date


Forget the spectacular third kit launches, these pre-match shirts are already making headlines before kick-off.

Pre-match shirts are worn while players complete their final pre-match warm-up. In the past, pre-game shirts weren’t much fussed over, but since the popular resurgence of retro football shirts, kit designers have taken the opportunity to create on-trend shirts that complement the look perfectly. wardrobe of any fashion fan.

This brings us designs that wouldn’t be seen on a regular home kit. While we’re starting to see weird patterns emerge in the third shirts, and even the kits on the outside, bigger and bolder are better when it comes to pre-game shirts.

Now that we know all the basics, here are the best pre-game soccer jerseys that have been revealed so far this season.

Chelsea FC Top Football Match

Follow the movement with the post-Queen’s Gambit A chessboard fashion trend that everyone adores, Chelsea have placed the distorted checkerboard pattern on all of their kits, gear and tracksuits. The blue and yellow colourway combines the colors of the house and the outdoors in a very cool pre-game shirt.

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Nike Atletico Madrid pre-match jersey

While Atletico Madrid’s kit for the 2021-22 season moves away from clean lines with a striped pattern painted white instead, their pre-game shirt is a geometric paradise. With a bold arrow print all over, the pink shirt is the perfect combination of red and white for Atleti fans and admirers.

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Galatasaray Pre-Match Short Sleeve Top

This Galatasaray pre-game shirt is bold in a vibrant orange with a punchy black graphics overlay. The striking pattern is reminiscent of a big cat, which fits perfectly with the Istanbul team’s nickname, the Lions or “Aslanlar”.

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Manchester United FC Pre-Match Shirt

This Adidas pre-match jersey departs from the traditional Manchester United colourway and chooses to replace white with a warm stone color that elevates the look. The colors go well together, making this a great pre-game shirt with a bold pattern printed all over.

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Juventus FC pre-match jersey 2021: 22

This Adidas Juventus pre-match jersey takes the standard, almost camouflage-like pattern and livens it up further by using a marbled effect for one of the colors. The lime green embroidered Juventus logo stands out very well against the charcoal and gray colors. A great effort!

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FC Bayern pre-match jersey

This pre-match jersey uses the classic Bayern Munich red and blue colourway but with a marbled tie-dye that really adds to the texture. The blue and white result is similar to the clouds, which are not only in fashion, but are linked to Bayern’s third kit which features a graphic mountain range.

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Paris Saint Germain pre-match jersey

PSG’s pre-match jersey is covered in diamond-shaped numbers. At first they look like random numbers, but a little research reveals that they actually represent the various area codes of Greater Paris. In the typical Parisian style, the black shirt is fashionable and can be worn both casually and for training.

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Liverpool FC Pre-Match Short Sleeve Top

This season, Liverpool and Nike have decided to go for a deeper and richer crimson red shade for their pre-match shirts. This deep color is used a lot in this season’s training kit, while the traditional bright red is still used for the homemade kit. The two shirts are linked by the orange band on the sleeve. The horizontal hoops give it a real retro feel.

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Inter Milan pre-match jersey

Nike has opted for a blue snake pattern on all of Inter’s shirts this season. The home shirt has a snakeskin print all over it and, less abstractly, the away shirt actually features a snake. And fittingly, this pre-game shirt blends the two concepts beautifully with a deep blue tangle of snakes.

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Manchester City FC Pre-Match Shirt

Puma has gone meta with its designs this year. It’s simple but effective, in a traditional sky blue fabric with “City” written in the center and the Manchester City emblem subtly presented on the back. It is certainly a shirt that can be worn both for fashion and for training.

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Club America Pre-Game Short Sleeve Top

Club America is known outside of Mexico for its beautiful, flamboyant kits. While their homemade kit features a bold Aztec motif, this pre-game shirt is covered in flowers and has a Hawaiian shirt-like vibe.

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Tottenham Hotspur FC Pre-Match Shirt

This Nike Tottenham pre-game shirt is covered in a completely abstract graphic pattern – you have to look closely to make out the edges of the Nike ticks. Overall, it pulls off a great look using the contrasting blues of Tottenham’s stunning galaxy-inspired marble shirt this season.

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Real Madrid pre-match jersey

Real Madrid’s pre-match shirt has pink and purple spots that represent the colorful shirts they’ve had in recent times. Adidas even produces Real Madrid swim shorts in this model.

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Arsenal pre-match jersey

Perhaps overshadowed by their wicked zigzag third kit, this pre-game jersey is almost understated. He wears this hot pink highlight from this third kit and makes it a feature of the shirt.

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