The 5 most expensive shirts and tops in GTA Online, and how much they cost

Sometimes you have no choice but to show off your exceptional taste in the eyes of the world. When the world of crime has given you more money than you know what to do with, GTA Online lets you flaunt it like nobody’s business. If you want to spend more money than you should on clothes, start with a memorable top. Here are ten of the most expensive shirts and tops in GTA Online to show just how lucrative crime can be.

The ten most expensive shirts and tops in GTA Online

Like the most expensive cars in the game, these tops are all exorbitantly priced. There are a few key tricks to making money fast in GTA Online, but you’ll still need to spend a lot of time doing heists if you want to get your hands on all of them. We’ll be looking at the most expensive tops and shirts categories in GTA Online, as all of the most expensive items fall into these general groups.

5) Tactical Vests ($7,135 – $12,270)

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Although they have the word tactical in their title, none of these fancy options will actually give you an advantage in a fight. Instead, they will strain your bank account. The Black & Red Tactical Midlength Jacket is the most expensive of these tops, costing you over twelve thousand dollars for the sake of shopping.

4) Bomber Jackets ($3,095-$23,300)

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We all love a good bomber jacket, but these are some of the most expensive in GTA Online. From the White Tiger Silk Bomber for just over three thousand dollars to the Ping Rage Bomber, these tops look comfy and warm but won’t do your bank account any favors. If the price is too high for your blood, you can always head to the Diamond Casino and Resort, where many of the more expensive items in this category can be purchased with chips rather than cash.

3) Nightmare Arena War Tops ($3,250 – $24,840)

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This category was introduced in the Arena War update and has the largest margin between prices. The bottom end of the category is the Up-n-Atom t-shirt which will set players back over three thousand dollars, too high a price no matter how much you like the pun. However, the most ridiculously expensive item in this category has to be the $24,840 Tacos Hoodie. If a vibrant hoodie is worth the price of a car to you, then this is the way to go. It certainly sends a message, although we don’t know exactly what that message is.

2) Labels ($15,000 to $31,500)

Image via Rockstar Games

These tops were all added as part of the Cayo Perico Heist 2020 update and are some of the most expensive shirts, sweaters, and hoodies you’ll find anywhere in the world. The cheapest of these items is a simple t-shirt that will still cost you as much as a new car, while the top end of this category comes in at a jaw-dropping price. However, you can’t put a price on style.

1) Apocalyptic Arena War Tops ($57,380 – $83,120)

Image via Rockstar Games

The Arena War update didn’t just introduce dangerous new ways to make money in GTA Online – it also gave us the most expensive tops and shirts the game has to offer. At the bottom of the scale is the Brown Leather Feather top, while the most expensive garment in this category is the Red & Black Raider Top, which will cost $83,000 in-game. Is it worth it? Only you and your accountant can decide.

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