Sunday Reads: the iconic Pizza My Heart t-shirt; time for solutions to the fentanyl crisis

With its super cheap shirt and slice promotion, Pizza My Heart created a surf culture vibe that made waves throughout the Bay Area. Wallace Baine delves into the phenomenon in the latest installment of our Icons of Santa Cruz series highlighting the people, places and things immediately identifiable with our county. Read it here.

SANTA CRUZ ICONS: Find the previous episodes of the series

As painful fentanyl death toll rises in Santa Cruz, taking young lives, it’s time for meaningful solutions

Tosh Ackerman

The stories of the loss of mothers Sophie Veniel and Carrie Luther paint a much larger picture of fatal fentanyl overdoses. Lookout’s month-long dive into rising fentanyl-related deaths locally reveals a lack of consistent attention to this post-pandemic outbreak, as local officials plan a town hall on Monday to assess and troubleshoot new strategies. Mark Conley and Max Chun have part 1 of our “Poisoned” series.

VIRTUAL TOWN HALL, 6-7 PM MONDAY: Register via here Zoom

EATERS DIGEST: Blossom’s Farm stand, new brunches and grants for small restaurants

Blossom's makes dozens of herbal remedies, available from its apothecary.

(Kevin Painchaud / Belvedere Santa Cruz)

The farm stand and cafe at Blossom’s Biodynamic Farm in Corralitos is bursting with local treats, another restaurant opens for brunch, and Chef Enzo cooks up a piña colada-inspired pastry. Get the latest food scoop from Lily Belli.

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In case you missed it…

The home ground of the Santa Cruz Warriors at Kaiser Permanente Arena

(Kevin Painchaud / Belvedere Santa Cruz)

➤ Will the warriors stay? Community feedback on downtown expansion will help decide if they do it and, if so, where (Grace Stetson and Max Chun)
➤ District maps decided for the new Santa Cruz voting system; so what happens next? (Grace Stetson)
➤ Meet Dead Nettle: Lindsey Wall begins her recording career with a new artistic identity (Wallace Baine)

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