Six of the best Newcastle United retro football shirts reviewed

“You bought another one old shirt!?” I hear that phrase a lot around my house. Usually as I’m standing clutching a sealed plastic bag fresh from the mailman containing, yes, another old shirt I bought in line.

The worst was when I was beaten at the door by my fiancé and She is accepted delivery before I had a chance to intercept the postman and discreetly hide my new acquisition among the dozens of other old shirts in my collection.

“My name is Matthew and I’m a football shirt obsessive.”

So it only makes sense that I’m involved in curating a brand new free newsletter entirely dedicated to the world of shirts. It’s called “Football Shirt Obsessions”. You can register HERE to receive our weekly dispatch for the chance to win a set of football shirts for you and your family.

Think of the newsletter as a digital refuge from people who don’t appreciate the design, culture, nostalgia and value that a football shirt can convey. Join us every week as we go through classic shirts and future classic shirts and bring together all the interesting news and stories from this increasingly popular and lucrative world.

Yes, lucrative. The shirts have a significant sales premium, as well as obvious emotional value. How many other products increase in value so consistently from year to year? An original shirt is a real treasure, they only made a certain number of them, so if you are lucky enough to have one, keep it or sell it for its true value which could be significant.

To celebrate the launch of Football Shirt Obsessions, I’ve shortlisted six classic Newcastle United shirts for a survey to see which fans say are the best. Naturally, the 1995/97 Adidas home jersey will win, but the race for 2nd place will be interesting.

In an effort to assuage my fiancé’s complaints and focus on the soccer jersey market as an “investment opportunity”, I have asked to provide the current market value of each of the six pre-selected jerseys if available in short sleeves, size large and in good condition with no name or number on the back.

“These shirts will get our kids through college,” is a response I often use with my fiancé. The problem is that I will never sell.

99/00 Adidas home: £100

Worn in the 1999 Cup Final loss to Man. United and controversial with white socks at the behest of then-boss Ruud Gullit as he felt they were ‘luckier’

95/97 Adidas home: £110

Widely regarded as the greatest football shirt of all time, and not just among Newcastle United fans

93/95 Asics home: £120

The Premier League era demanded a modern upgrade and Newcastle got theirs thanks to Asics in 1993, a simple 90s classic.

95/96 Adidas away: £140

The only shortlisted away jersey: a maroon and navy ‘rugby’ design that achieved cult status by being worn by one of the best NUFC teams in recent memory.

78/80 Bukta house £350

Bukta were founded in Stockport in 1879 and 100 years later Newcastle had run out of this extremely smart and stylish kit.

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