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Woe to polo. Decades of laid-back Friday banality have exhausted the appeal of this menswear staple, making it ubiquitous but forgotten. Follower of the classic American style, I want to like the polo shirt, but it often seems to me that I do. . . bland. Let Sid Mashburn, the missing link between menswear obsessives and ordinary men, design a polo shirt that is finally worth getting excited about.

What I like about the label short sleeve polo shirt in pima cotton pique are its details. The deep button placket features three buttons rather than the standard two, a subtly racy touch that seems to indicate I’m about to play doubles tennis rather than run errands. A cut-and-sewn collar supported by a real collar band provides the structure to pair with my lightweight sports coats, and a front chest pocket where a reptile can appear on other variations has proven to be a useful spot to store sunglasses.

Sid Mashburn’s short-sleeved pima pique polo shirt ($ 95) is available in a variety of colors.


And then there is the tennis cue. A return to The Official Preppy Manual Back then, the elongated hem of the shirt ensures that once I tuck it into my white jeans it stays in place, providing the peace of mind of knowing I won’t worry every time. time when I lift my arms or tie my shoelaces. I also liked its loose but not sloppy fit and the spongy feel of the fabric itself, which has already softened after a handful of washes.

To someone who grew up in the era of tight-fitting, logo-embellished polo shirts pushed by mall brands, Mashburn’s point of view feels fully grown-up without slipping into the side of the equation run by a suburban dad. on a Costco. In other words, it’s casual yet effortlessly cool, and that’s precisely what I want to wear on a loop this summer.

Buy Now: $ 95

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