Review of the FootJoy Women’s Printed Interlock Short Sleeve Polo Shirt


In this review of the FootJoy women’s printed interlock cap sleeve polo shirt, Katie Dawkins puts it to the test for its comfort and practicality on the course.

Review of the FootJoy Women’s Printed Interlock Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Companion in crime to match the stunning Interlock skort, this shirt has cap sleeves and is a nice change from the sleeveless tops offered by many brands.

It’s almost a hybrid of a sleeveless shirt, which many athletic golfers will find very flattering on the arms and it will minimize golfers tanning a bit. If you have wider arms, we recommend taking one size up as the hooded sleeve fits snugly.

One downside is that it is quite short in the body, which some women may find unflattering. Paired with a high waist skort as below is not a problem.


As with the skort, the stretchy Micro Interlock fabric is a very nice and flattering pattern. While it’s pretty bright, in lighter colors it seems to pick up the lumps and bumps a bit more and maybe some may find it unflattering.

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The navy blue color option is more forgiving and an extremely smart addition to your golf outfits. The colors available are a reserved and flattering mix of navy blue, white and blush pink with a pop of color in the Blue Jay option.

Pair each color with the matching skort to give the impression of a golf dress and you have a winning combination. FootJoy did a great job creating many different options with this print and four color choices to really mix and match partner skirts.

The shirt is extremely good at wicking away moisture and at the end of a long round of golf in hot conditions it held up really well. The moisture wicking ability of so many of these garments these days is very impressive.

Long gone are the days to feel a little warm under the pass on the course. The material is anti-wrinkle, so easy to maintain while maintaining a decent appearance. This is a great choice of FootJoy style, you just have to try it on first to really get that size and style just right.


This will make a great match with the FootJoy Interlock Skort and provide the same levels of comfort and functionality you would expect from a FootJoy garment. With plenty of colors to choose from, we love the versatility of this polo shirt offering.

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