Retro soccer jerseys and historic soccer outfits are becoming a new trend


The market for vintage soccer jerseys has grown over time and historic soccer kits are more popular than ever. With so many retro football kit options to choose from, is this really something you should buy? And above all, how do you navigate this new market?

Buy a classic football kit

You can find all kinds of retro soccer jerseys online, many of which are genuine. The market for them has exploded now that kits change regularly and some old soccer jerseys can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in online marketplaces.

In most cases, meaningful retro football shirts and kits are the ones that matter most and get the most attention. If any of these kits are tied to a special year in the history of the relevant team, expect to see them sold for huge quantities, usually as collectibles that people aren’t even really supposed to wear. .

If you are looking for these vintage soccer jerseys, you can find them in thrift stores, but it is much easier to search online. There are many sites on the Internet that catalog, index and manage these shirts, acting as marketplaces for people to sell or trade them safely.

Are classic soccer jerseys really useful?

There are two reasons why classic soccer jerseys are so valuable. The first is that many of them are no longer officially produced, with only replicas and smuggled shirts readily available in large quantities.

This means that they are not just collectable, but in limited quantities, which becomes more and more limited as they wear out or are destroyed. With so little, the price for obtaining them has become higher, making them elusive items that many people will gladly pay to own.

The other main reason is that they have a story. These jerseys could come from teams that achieved great things in certain years, that had a personal connection to older fans, or from a year that that team had a completely unique kit design that never returned.

This value comes entirely from the community, so it can fluctuate based on various things. If a team suddenly brings back an old kit or reuses an old design, expect the price of the original to drop or soar. Like all collectibles, you can’t really control the price at which these items end up being valued by people who would want to buy them.

Should I buy them?

Buying a kit like this can seem like an expensive thing to do if you’re not on that specific team. However, if you have a personal investment in the time, tournament, or general era the jersey came from, it may be worth it.

Some people also go out there to resell the shirts later for profit. This is a good use of them as they are limited – even reproduction prints of older models won’t be quite the same. Like any collector’s item, someone who owns one has an item that others will happily pay for.

If you want to wear them, it depends on the actual shirt. Some are so rare that wearing one and letting it go bad would instantly cause it to lose half of its value. Others are still quite common, just in limited supply, making them much easier to wear without worrying about getting dirty or damaged.

Is it worth reselling?

If you want to go into the market to resell these jerseys and kits for a profit, it helps to understand every classic soccer kit you see. If you don’t know the true value of a retro football kit, you may end up paying more than you should. Keep in mind that reproduction prints and third-party replicas are a pretty big market as well, so there are ways around inflated price scams.

Really, the vintage football kit market is a very specific market that a lot of people are not even aware of. If this interests you, it may be worth considering, but keep in mind that not all shirts are equally popular. However, you can always check all the kits you own to see if you have anything valuable.

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