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Since 2003, Ralph Lauren has allowed its customers to personalize their polo shirts with their Create your own customization program. And from May 18, this à la carte approach reaches new heights with the introduction of the custom polo shirt.

As the name suggests, each polo shirt will be created using a build-on-demand template, eliminating the need to maintain a pre-made inventory. And rather than being cut and sewn from yards of fabric as would be the case in a typical production process, the components of the MTO polo shirt are custom knitted using flat knit technology that gives them a soft touch while ensuring a minimum of fabric waste.

Thanks to this new technology, the six designs and 24 color variations of the polo shirt are conducive to experimentation. On the Ralph Lauren website, customers can adopt the look of the shirt in hundreds of different directions by choosing to add contrasting colors to the chest, upper body or sleeves and collar, which can also be inclined. Beyond color, customers can choose to add up to 16 characters of text to each shirt cuff, whether they wish to emblazon it with the name of their favorite sports team, hometown, or location. significant date.

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Each MTO polo shirt’s palette will be limited to two shades, but an extra pop of color can be introduced with its signature pony logo, which comes in 10 different tones. Anyone interested in the equestrian theme can also select a great pony logo, while minimalists are free to forgo the horse altogether. Personalization options will continue to evolve over the coming months, when customers can expect to see iconic logos and graphics from the Ralph Lauren Archives added to the digital design experience.

As color blocking continues to dominate spring and summer novelties and waste reduction remains a priority for manufacturers and consumers alike, the latest chapter in polo history appears to be tailor-made for the moment.

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