Ralph Lauren Celebrates His Biggest Icon, The Polo, In Stunning New Book

From royal polo players Sawai Padmanabh Singh and Prince Harry to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, and a whole range dedicated to puppy customers, the shirt has become synonymous with wearable luxury, both on and off the field. Although originally an American icon, the world would soon catch up to its sartorial charm and, with the backing of a legion of British style stars over the years, has been an official Wimbledon outfit since 2006.

The Queen attends the English Tennis Championships at Wimbledon

Oli Scarff/Getty Images

Marking its fiftieth year as a sportswear staple, the designer has collaborated with coffee table book connoisseurs Rizzoli on a tantalizing new tome. Across 544 pages, this exciting new print offers readers a unique insight into the stratospheric rise of a fashion idol, from vintage advertisements to original design notes and the stories that helped cement her stardom.

“I wanted the shirt to be part of the life of the person who wore it. Little did I know that after fifty years he would become such a personal icon all over the world. What I do has always come from the way people live. It’s honest and from the bottom of my heart and I hope that’s what touches the diversity of people who wear my polo shirt and all my clothes,” says Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren polo shirt is available to buy now at ralphlauren.co.uk

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