Prolific shoplifter jailed for stealing £ 660 worth of football shirts from Leeds United store at White Rose Center

Dilwyn Hoare was arrested by police shortly after committing the shoplifting offense in the White Rose Center store.

Leeds Crown Court heard that Hoare, 44, entered the store with his partner and another woman on October 25 this year.

Prosecutor Charlotte Noddings said the three then went their separate ways once they entered the store and began stealing items.

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White Rose Center, Leeds.

Hoare took 15 Leeds United adult shirts from a pit, rolled them up and placed them in a bag on the floor.

The defendant’s partner then picked up the bag and left the store without paying them.

A security alarm went off as she was leaving but she managed to escape.,

The theft was caught on CCTV cameras inside the store and police were notified.

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Officers stopped a white Hyundai vehicle on the M621 shortly thereafter at 3:10 p.m.

Hoare and his partner were passengers in the car.

Police found 15 Leeds United shirts in the rear floor of the vehicle with security tags still attached.

Ms Noddings said Hoare also robbed the Boots store in Thorpe Park, Colton, on August 10 of this year.

He was caught on camera walking into the store with another man before the couple stole 20 mascaras worth £ 300.

Hoare, of Dennil Crescent, Stanks, Leeds, pleaded guilty to two theft offenses.

The court heard he had 76 previous convictions for 206 offenses.

A total of 146 of these offenses are theft.

Craig Sutcliffe, mitigating, said Hoare pleaded guilty to the offenses at an early stage.

He added: “The accused told me, to use his words, that he was fed up with being a drug addict.”

The lawyer said Hoare planned to overcome his addiction while in detention and wanted to live a law-abiding life once released.

Hoare was jailed for 16 months.

Recorder Anesh Pema said: “This was clearly a group activity in which some planning was involved.

The court heard that Hoare’s partner also pleaded guilty to theft in connection with the offense at the Leeds United store.

She received a suspended prison sentence when she appeared before magistrates at an earlier hearing.

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