Polo Ralph Lauren | Polo’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

Icon celebrated in new Polo Ralph Lauren collection book from Rizzoli International
“It was never about a shirt, it was about a way of life.” -Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren (NYSE:RL) announces the celebration of its most iconic product – the polo shirt – alongside Ralph Lauren’s Polo Shirt, a new coffee table book published by Rizzoli International. This singular and quintessential garment is ubiquitous and has served as a canvas for the lifestyles and worlds that have inspired Ralph Lauren since 1972. The 360-degree marketing campaign that will accompany the book launch will reflect the incredible cultural impact that the polo shirt has had over the past five decades and reintroducing it to a new generation of consumers through a series of initiatives and installations, a collection of sustainable, creative and customizable polo shirts available for purchase, immersive storytelling and Moreover.

At the center of the campaign, Rizzoli International will publish Ralph Lauren’s polo shirt, which is a fascinating look at the history of the wardrobe classic. With beautiful photographs, an introduction by Ralph Lauren and an afterword by David Lauren, the book sheds light on the shirt itself. Embodying a quintessentially American chic casualness, the polo shirt is a cultural symbol, worn by everyone from movie stars and presidents to athletes and entertainers. As stated in the first chapter, “The polo shirt is to Ralph Lauren what Mickey Mouse is to Disney or the Empire State Building is to New York.” Whether worn with the collar up, open and scooped, or dressed up under a suit jacket, the Polo embodies the optimism of American style. For more than five decades, the polo shirt has traveled everywhere, creating memories for all who have made it part of their lives. It became not only a canvas for Lauren’s art, but a backdrop and inspiration for many dreams, hopes and ambitions for people around the world.

As Ralph Lauren, Executive Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of the Ralph Lauren Corporation, states in the introduction: “I wanted the shirt to be part of the life of the person who wore it. Little did I know that after fifty years he would become such a personal icon all over the world. What I do has always come from the way people live. It’s honest and from the bottom of my heart and I hope that’s what touches the diversity of people who wear my polo shirt and all my clothes.

This 544-page compendium celebrates and documents the iconic style and influential impact of the polo shirt, which has never been defined by the latest trend. A juxtaposition of modernity and heritage, tradition and individuality, refinement and ease, it endures and continues to evolve in innovative and sustainable ways. Seen through historical images and told through the personal stories of celebrities, politicians and presidents, royals, world-class athletes, as well as everyday people, the book features diverse people who have appropriated the Polo and inspired others to follow suit. way. From classic white polo to weathered polo, from Earth Polo to US Olympics, US Open and Wimbledon Championship collaborations, this unique volume celebrates the full spectrum of Polo, making it a collector’s dream. .

American filmmaker Ken Burns sums it up best in his foreword: “When you wear a polo shirt, you are instantly engaged in a deep irony between being unique, but also, because so many others around the world wear it, belonging .”

Ralph Lauren aspires to use responsibly sourced and sustainable materials that extend product life while requiring less of the planet. In line with these sustainability goals and initiatives and as part of the launch of the brand’s latest book Ralph Lauren’s Polo Shirt, expanded offerings of classic polo shirts will be available. As part of the company’s goal to provide more circular experiences for consumers, a limited number of select vintage and collectible designs, seen on the Ralph Lauren polo pages, will be available for purchase at select stores and some regions. From the brand’s exclusive archive collection, each piece has been carefully examined by Ralph Lauren experts to verify their authenticity. The upcycled polo shirt will also be introduced through this vintage offer. Selected from a limited-edition collection of polo shirts that have been hand-repaired by artisans at Los Angeles-based circular design platform Atelier & Repairs, each polo is sourced in North America and received a second life thanks to an over-dyeing process that gives each shirt its true vibrant indigo hue and patched with vintage fabrics on the placket and gussets. Exciting new options will also be incorporated into the Create Your Own (CYO) customization program with the recently introduced custom made-to-order polo shirt, which includes a choice of solid, striped or color-blocked designs for the body, collar and sleeves. , as well as the possibility of having letters and symbols knitted into each cuff. This make-to-order model helps reduce product inventory and provides hundreds of available combinations for the customer to customize each polo and then knit it to order using state-of-the-art flat knit technology.

The company will open the Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt Shop concept store in Berlin (opening May 18) and Ginza (open now). The store will celebrate more than 50 years of Ralph Lauren design through deeply engaging storytelling, exciting visual presentation, immersive technology, special programming and augmented reality virtual shopping experiences. The store will focus on selling this singular and iconic product and feature its most extensive range of polo shirt offerings yet, including a custom CYO store for men, women and kids for a limited time.

To further amplify the campaign and engage loyal Ralph Lauren customers, the company is inviting everyone to join the conversation and style their favorite shirt or share a fun memory on social platforms using the hashtag #MyPoloShirtStory and by tagging @PoloRalphLauren. Fans, friends and followers will also be able to share their own personal story and unlock an exclusive experience through an official Snapchat Lens. Audiences will be able to explore a 3D version of Ralph Lauren’s polo shirt in their Snapchat app worldview, with the ability to interact with the stories of those who have worn, loved and made it their own. The lens can be accessed through Ralph Lauren stores, social media and digital properties via a scannable Snapcode.


Ralph Lauren Corporation (NYSE: RL) is a global leader in the design, marketing and distribution of premium lifestyle products in five categories: apparel, footwear and accessories, home, fragrance and hospitality. For more than 50 years, Ralph Lauren has sought to inspire the dream of a better life through authenticity and timeless style. Its reputation and distinctive image have constantly grown through an increasing number of products, brands and international markets. The Company’s brands, which include Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Collection, Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Polo Ralph Lauren, Double RL, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren Children and Chaps, among others, are one of the most popular product families. most recognized in the world. consumer brands. For more information, visit corporate.ralphlauren.com.

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