Ping Angus polo review

As soon as you put on the Ping Angus polo shirt you will realize that it is stylish, high quality clothing and one of the best golf polo shirts on the market.

It is made with Ping’s Sensorcool technology, which is said to feature: moisture movement, wrinkle resistance and UV protection.

It’s definitely wrinkle-resistant and versatile in the sense that it doesn’t get too hot in cold weather, but certainly keeps you warm in cold weather.

We recommend wearing a gilet instead of a long-sleeved mid layer like the Ping Dover Jacket or the Ping Felix 1/2 Windbreaker, as you might start to get too hot.

The stretch properties of the shirt are fantastic and make it a very comfortable outfit.

You won’t have to worry that the arms are not long enough or the body is too tight as the stretchy fit, we found it, fits like a glove if you have the right size – we recommend you go with it. stick to your usual size.

I’ve been complimented twice for wearing the Angus, which is a stylish polo shirt with minimal branding.

The only real negatives are that it only comes in three colors, the sky blue we tested as well as a salmon pink and a black.

We would like to see it in more options like gray, red, green, blue and so on.

Overall, we found this to be a great Ping starter and one that can be worn over and over again.

Ping Angus polo shirt

(Image credit: Avenir)

What is my size ?

I am 5’11 “and I am stocky.

What do I normally wear? Does it size big / small?

I usually wear a large and the Angus polo shirt was perfect.

I’ve had issues with long sleeve t-shirts and polo shirts, usually with the arms not fitting the way I had hoped, but the Angus couldn’t have been better.

How did it adapt / feel / function?

It is comfortable and super warm, so warm you might get too hot if you wear a sweater over it.

We recommend pairing it with one of the best golf vests, as the Angus does a great job of keeping your arms warm.

The fit is light and stretchy, which adds to the comfort.

Did you notice any additional details?

We liked the minimal ping mark.

Can you wear it off the course?

I think Ping is a very golf specific brand so it wouldn’t be something I would wear off the course.

It may work well while running or in other activities, but for me it is golf specific clothing.

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