Tuesday, October 19 2021

The oldest tennis tournament in the world and by far the most prestigious at Wimbledon takes place today. Most people love to play in court, but for many of us at home, style matters in every way.

When one speaks Classic tennis modeAndre Agassi – the glory of all his neon spandex, denim shorts – shines. His nemesis, Pete Sampras, you know the infamous shy and boring man. Server tip – On the other hand, it tends to go unnoticed. It shouldn’t be. In a new post from IG, Too Hot Limited’s best friend HS Olly Evans highlights some of Pete Maravich’s best polo shirts (below) when he was still playing with Sergio Tacchini at the start. Of course, Sampras eventually signed to Nike (which ended in 2012), but not before offering fiery looks to a lesser-known Italian label. .. Check out these classic designs!

Sampras became the face of Nike’s transformed Nike Court as Nike embraced the wild child and gave Agassi his own line, the Challenge Court. Sergio Tacchini, meanwhile, continued to perform well, being a supplier to Novak Djokovic before Uniqlo then Lacoste. Outside of tennis, it’s a popular brand in the UK, which has been a staple in the casual scene since the 1980s.

Considering Wimbledon’s infamous strict white dress code (does anyone remember when Federer was almost banned from wearing orange-soled sneakers?), Sampras is in such gear today. I still don’t know if I’ll run away. Still, polo shirts have a little time, but the great American hit reminds us that there are many hidden gems in the aftermarket. Check out some of Evans’ best vintage pieces here, And find some alternative polo shirts below.

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Pete Sampras pistol is always a donation polo shirt

Source link Pete Sampras pistol is always a donation polo shirt

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Pistol Pete Sampras is still the Don polo shirt

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