Parent says pupils at school were given a dress code after giving them XL shirts

A mum on TikTok said her daughter had a dress code and was given an extra large shirt. Then she was again put under a dress code because a school administrator couldn’t see her shorts.

The parent, which goes through Stasia (@teachingadhdllamas) on the platform, shared a series of videos explaining how her daughter fought against her school’s dress code.

In the first video, Stasia says an administrator at her daughter’s school called her while she was teaching at another school. The admin said Stasia’s daughter told them “fuck your dress code” and walked out, according to the TikToker.

The designer clearly approved of her daughter’s rebellion to the dress code, as she danced in the video, captioned “Fuck your dress codes.”

The on-screen text of the video reads: “Shoulders, stomach and legs are not the problem. Talk to boys/men who say it’s distracting.

@teachingadhdllamas Fuck the dress codes #dress code #teacher #mom #genz ♬ Mom Said – Lukas Graham

The video drew a lot of praise from other users who appeared to be mothers. Several commented that many schools’ dress codes had become too strict. Some praised the girl for standing up for herself.

In response to a comment, which read, “I would have immediately asked for her autograph because this girl goes places,” Stasia shared another update.

The TikToker says her daughter staged a protest among students and they planned to wear white tank tops with messages on them to school. Her daughter’s shirt read, “Are my shoulders distracting you because you’re reading on the front of my shirt?”

In the video, Stasia says she’s sure she’ll get several calls from her daughter’s school administration.

“But they knew it was coming,” Stasia says. “My children stood up against racist teachers. My children stood up when other children were dubbed by ignorant teachers. My daughter refused to attend straight sex education as a non-straight student.

In other TikTok Video, Stasia adds that the boys also wore crop tops at her daughter’s school. However, none of them were sent home.

Meanwhile, her daughter was reportedly given a dress code within the first ten minutes of arriving at school and sent to the principal’s office, Stasia says. A boy followed her to the office and asked her why he didn’t have a dress code for her crop top. The designer says the boy was sent back to class, where he continued to shorten his shirt until the administration dress code him.

Stasia also notes that the school gave extra large shirts to girls wearing crop tops, to address their dress code violations. However, the TikToker claims the admins then coded them again because the extra large shirts covered their shorts.

“I just watch proud as hell and wait,” Stasia says in the video. “She has that.”

Viewers couldn’t believe the hypocrisy of the main dress code students for the shirts they gave them.

“So the main dress coded the girls for the outfits HE put on them? I have no words,” one viewer commented.

“Not them who sexualize minors when the shorts aren’t visible due to their own oversized t-shirt punishment,” another viewer commented.

Other viewers said they had issues with school dress codes in general.

“The dress code and I are NOT friends. They say it “distracts” male students. Sounds like a male student problem,” one user said.

“Educators should care about education not dress code,” wrote a second user.

Some users cheered on the boy who also went to the principal’s office to protest the dress code, saying maybe boys are getting better at standing up for girls.

“I love when the boys support her and show up. I try so hard to teach my boys to be like that,” one comment read.

Another comment said, “Looks like the boys are starting to understand that it’s cooler to be on the girl side and I love that.”

The Daily Dot reached out to user @teachingadhdllamas via a TikTok comment.

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*First published: June 4, 2022, 10:45 a.m. CDT

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