Palace drops new Barclays-inspired football shirts for holiday season

Palace is back with more football shirts for its Holiday ’21 collection, with the latest drop featuring yet another reference to an iconic sponsor of yesteryear.

London’s skate imprint is renowned for having deposited niche football credentials into their football-inspired pieces, and their new line of football shirts feature a logo of an iconic Premier League sponsor from years past.

If you’re an Everton fan who watched the Toffees play around the turn of the millennium you’ll instantly recognize the flip logo Palace made with this shirt. Featuring a graffiti print designed by acclaimed producer and artist Zomby, the sponsor ‘Pal2Ace’ lapel on the shirt references Everton’s former sponsor One2One at the time above a striking multi-color graphic.

The other shirt arrives with similar bold graphics on a white model shirt, which comes with a P45 emblem and the Palasonic branding, which arrives with the latest collaboration with iconic jacket brand Avirex.

You’ll be able to enjoy Palace’s Week 1 delivery of the 2021 Holidays, scheduled both in-store and online from December 10 on the brand’s official online store. Take a closer look at the soccer jerseys in the range below.

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