One Piece Original Stitch Shirt Review – 1 piece of refined fashion

Custom origin point A play Shirts are the epitome of nerd fashion.

Who doesn’t love a good nerd shirt? There’s something special about wearing your fandom that everyone understands in and of itself. Whether it’s your school colors, sports teams, or even businesses, representing your fandom is a universally shared experience. That being said, often our fandom is limited to t-shirts. And as amazing as some of these shirts are, they don’t quite fit into more professional, high-end events. Leaving us all to dress the same in plain or boring prints. But luckily there is Original Stitch.

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Original Stitch is a revolutionary apparel company that offers extreme levels of customization in more formal/professional fashion apparel. Basically, button-up and collared shirts. They also extended to pillowcases, masks, pants, and even jackets. The top of the ability to customize your clothes is the incredible selection of fabrics, especially fabrics inspired by One Piece and Pokemon. Fabric and combination options provide limitless possibilities for looking like you’re flying.

The Original Stitch Experience

I had the chance to design my own shirt, and I have to say it looks awesome. The process is very simple and intuitive. Choose the type of shirt you want, start choosing fabrics/patterns for each part of the shirt, then choose your buttons. After that submit, wait for your shirt to be made, unbox and enjoy. It’s a little nicer to design the shirt on PC, because it’s easier to see the shirt when you choose your designs, but it works great on mobile too. The hardest part is the wait, but you soon forget that as soon as your shirt arrives.

A refined fashion piece

Look at this! The video is misleading because I actually spent a lot of time with different designs. Honestly, designing different suits was a lot of fun. I think I went for a combination that looks good, but also very cheesy. Chopper body, Luffy outer collar and cuffs, Zoro inner collar and cuffs, and finally Chopper buttons. Designed for an aesthetically appealing shirt, it should be subtly obvious that it is a piece. I haven’t had a good event to wear it to see what reactions it would get yet, but I believe the One Piece Movie Red the first will be perfect.

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In every aspect, the Original Stitch shirt is amazing. It will look exactly how you want it and fit the way you want it. Assuming you know your measurements. I don’t know what the material is made of, but it is light and airy which is wonderful. It doesn’t build up extra heat if you wear a jacket or coat over it, and it doesn’t feel like it’s retaining moisture. Original Stitch is hands down the epitome of nerd chic/professional fashion.

I give the Original Stich One Piece shirt a 10/10.

How to get your own original Stich clothes

The clothes are available in the ONE PIECE store at Original Stitch. Whether they’re looking for a personalized ONE PIECE shirt, mask

or bandana, fans can choose from over 16 new designs, plus the 30+ already available. They can also accessorize with 27 designs for ONE PIECE pillows, even choosing different designs for the front and back:


Point of origin

“Original Stitch” was born from the desire of engineers who work in Silicon Valley to “reduce the effort of going to buy clothes”. We launched a testing service in 2013, and since the establishment of the original brand “Original Inc.” in 2015, she developed services with the vision of “made-to-measure shirts for all wardrobes”. You can customize shirt details from 1 billion designs as you like and order in 5 minutes or more. At the factory in Japan, the shirts are carefully crafted by artisans. Official What do you think of the Original Stitch x One Piece fabrics? Are you a fan of high quality nerd fashion? Have you ever ordered a custom Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below and share your favorite nerd fashion tips and pieces with us atTwitter



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