Oceanic Tee Oceanic polo review


In this Ocean Tee Oceanic polo review, we put eco-friendly clothing to the test over multiple laps

Product presentation

Global mark :

Oceanic T-shirt Oceanic Polo


  • Lightweight, comfortable, stylish and most importantly made from 100% eco-friendly materials

The inconvenients:

  • Some will see it as a casual touch


Oceanic T-shirt Oceanic Polo


Ocean t-shirt

Price as reviewed:

£ 49.99

Golf clubhouse

Oceanic Tee Oceanic polo review

The past few decades have seen an exponential increase in attention to sustainability and the associated environmental causes. Lately the golf industry has started to embrace this movement and Ocean Tee is a brand that is at the forefront of sustainability in golf. Its range of bamboo t-shirts is growing in popularity and its entry into the apparel business has started to turn heads.

The Ocean Tee Oceanic polo shirt is made from a pioneering blend of Tencel Lyocell fibers with Refibra technology never seen in golf before. Simply put, this fabric is made from a combination of wood pulp and cotton scraps and is made in the only factory to currently meet Greenpeace textile sourcing standards. At the end of its natural life, it will biodegrade without leaving any harmful substances behind. Simply put, it’s as eco-friendly as a golf garment can get.

Polo Ocean Tee Mako

And it looks awesome too. It’s more on the relaxed end of the polo shirt spectrum, but the quilted finish and color accents certainly make a mark. The freedom of movement it offers is also truly impressive – the Oceanic polo shirt is light as air and does not restrict your range of motion at all. Plus, the natural breathability of the fabric blend keeps you from overheating on the fairways.

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There’s also no complaints about the fit – it sits nicely over the shoulders and there is no excess fabric around the waistline. You would describe it as slim-fit but not overly. It is also a versatile garment in that it can be paired with multiple overlays or any number of styles of pants or shorts. You would also be happy to wear it outside the course.

The Ocean Tee Oceanic polo shirt ticks all the boxes and does it in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. What not to like?


An excellent, versatile and relaxed polo shirt that will also have no impact on the environment.

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