Lyle & Scott jacquard polo review


When it comes to golf clothing, a polo shirt is arguably the most important thing to do right, along with an uncomfortable shirt that can cost you many strokes on the course. Fortunately, there are several high performance shirts on the market, with this Jacquard polo shirt from Lyle & Scott a definite possibility.

Starting with the look: the collar is a slightly different color from the shirt, which gives it a fresh and chic look. Sadly, it’s only available in Blue, Combat Rust (an orange-like shade, which is the one I tested), and black, so there isn’t much to choose from.

While there aren’t many options, in terms of color, the design of the shirt really makes it stand out. With a jacquard print, which includes the Lyle & Scott logo, you might think it’s a bit too out there, but it really isn’t. The logo actually remains subtle despite being all over the shirt.

Another impressive factor is the breathability and stretch qualities, with the lightweight stretch fabric and absorbent materials giving you exceptional comfort on the course. This is also facilitated by its loose fit, allowing greater freedom of movement.

The only negative point is really the lack of color choices available. I would like to see it in a few other options.

Lyle & Scott Reviews

(Image credit: Matt Cradock)

What is my size ?

5 ‘8 “and stocky build

What do I normally wear? Does it size big / small?

I’m usually between a tall and an extra-large, but with the Jacquard polo shirt I tested the XL was perfect, with the arms, shoulders and stomach very well adjusted and allowing great freedom of movement without compromise.

How did it adapt / feel / function?

It is a very comfortable garment and would be perfect for year round conditions, with the option of adding a mid layer or base layer to complement the outfit perfectly.

Lyle & Scott Reviews

(Image credit: Matt Cradock)

Did you notice any additional details?

Besides the jacquard print and the differentiation of the colors of the collar and the shirt, the polo shirt also has a very elegant Lyle & Scott logo located on the right side of the chest. Being made from a rubber / silicone substance, the symbol is likely to last longer when washed.

Can you wear it off the course?

Personally I wouldn’t wear it off the course, I think it is specially designed for the golf course. However, if your tastes are different, you can do it, although it should be a smart event.

How does it come out after washing / should it be ironed?

Like other Lyle & Scott garments, if you follow the instructions, it comes out perfectly and, thanks to its absorbent material, it does not need to be ironed.


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