Look at this Star Trek supercut of the death of every redshirt

A Star Trek fan has posted a super cut of every redshirted death from the original series.

Haven’t we suffered enough? In Star Trek: The Original Series, there was a shooting gag that many people saw play. It was the idea that if you were a nameless extra wearing a red shirt, you were often doomed in whatever episode you were in.

The idea of ​​killing main characters just wasn’t a fear back then. In fact, Star Trek characters are still heavily protected if they’re important characters. There are hardly any characters with main character status who have been killed off in a series. The two I can think of are Jadzia Dax and Charles “Trip” Tucker III. Dax because of contract issues with his actress and Trip because it was the series finale.

There are probably more, but these are the first two that come to mind. So before the worlds of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead, when everyone was fair game, the only way to create tension and the threat of death was to kill off nameless characters.

Although some have a name. So if you want to relieve that tension, this video of every dying redshirt in the Star Trek original series will help you do just that.

Redshirts weren’t killed as often as you remember

There’s a theory that one or two redshirts were killed off every episode, but that’s really not true. In the 79 episodes of the original series, only 25 men wearing red shirts were killed. Interestingly, they weren’t even the only ones who got 86’ed.

In fact, according to Star Trek: Technical Manual (via MeTV), 239 Redshirts appeared on the show, and only 25 of them were killed. It’s just a hair in 10% of the show’s crew who have been seen wearing red.

Yet another 10 crew members died while wearing command gold and science blue. Since there were 55 crew members carrying gold, that means 18% were killed. This means you were more likely to die wearing gold than red.

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