London police seize £ 80,000 in fake soccer jerseys at start of Euro 2020


London police seized £ 80,000 of fake football shirts that were being sold at Wembley at the start of Euro 2020.

Agents from the City of London and the Met discovered the shirts when they raided the house and storage facilities of a 19-year-old man in Wembley on Thursday (June 10).

They discovered the huge load of counterfeit shirts, thousands of pounds of cash, and cell phone evidence.

Police said the fake shirts were imported from around the world “just in time for the euros”.

The City of London said it believed the shirts were sold both at retail and wholesale.

Met Assistant Deputy Commissioner Jane Connors said “unsavory” people seek to exploit “anyone and anything for personal gain.”

“Thousands of people could have paid much of their hard-earned money for illegal and counterfeit shirts,” she added.

An arrested man has since been released under investigation.

Detective Sergeant Andrew Masterson of City of London Police said: ‘This individual used the start of the euros for financial gain and to sell illegal T-shirts both online and in his store. fortune.

“The rapid and joint action of the police and our partners shows that there are no limits to our work in the fight against intellectual property crimes, and for the public it is essential to remember that you don’t know what other crimes you are funding. when buying counterfeit goods, or the conditions under which those who work for criminals carry out their activities.

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