Little Caesar’s Drops summer-themed merchandising line (complete with Toga t-shirt)

The last time we covered Little Caesar promos was when they launched the “Hot N’ Ready Shop” last November. All of the products, ranging from clothing to vacation accessories and skateboards, sold out fairly quickly. The only items that survived the first day were slippers and wrapping paper.

The “pizza pizza” chain is back with its summer collection, which includes many summer-themed items like clothing and beverage accessories. Nothing is as popular as skateboarding for the holidays, but items like pepperoni pizza slides and swimsuits are pretty pool-ready.

There’s also a t-shirt that uses the toga design, so it looks like you’re wearing the real Little Caesar toga.

If togas aren’t your thing, you can wear one of the “Hot Pizza Summer” shirts, which come in a classic tank top or crop top.

Finally, on the front of the glasses, there are three can coolers, which use either pepperoni imagery or sayings like “Cold-N-Ready”. Clever, right?

It’s not as comprehensive as the last drop, but it shows that Little Caesar’s is staying consistent with its seasonal merchandise drops in order to build hype. It seems that, at the moment, all products are also in stock.

But that could change very quickly.

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