Jordan Henderson offers soccer jerseys after daddy’s diagnosis


Jordan Henderson donated his shirts to help raise funds to purchase medical supplies for the hospital that saved his father’s life.

The Liverpool captain donated his match jersey he wore when Liverpool beat Barcelona 4-0 in their legendary Champions League win at Anfield in 2019.

Another shirt worn in Liverpool’s 2-1 win over Spurs last year at Anfield brought in £ 1,250, while another will be on the line in Liverpool’s 2-2 derby against Everton in October of Last year.

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The Barcelona match jersey raised £ 6,000 for his father Brian’s fundraiser. He hopes to raise £ 85,000 to buy a high-end endoscopy called the ‘Spectar EndoFlex System’.

Brian Henderson was treated by Sunderland Royal Hospital in 2014 after the disease was discovered in his tongue, throat and lymph nodes.

Following Liverpool’s 2-0 Champions League final victory over Spurs in 2019, the moment a tearful Liverpool captain walked up to hug his father Brian was shown around the world.

Brian’s Endoscope is fundraising to use a small probe placed in his nose, he records images captured during assessments.

The film can then be reviewed frame by frame to check for abnormalities – help diagnose cancer and check for previous sites – and assess a patient’s ability to swallow.

The new equipment will be used by the specialized clinical team comprising doctors, nurses and speech therapists based in the ENT department of the Royal Sunderland Hospital.

In January 2021, the Liverpool FC captain, who started his footballing career at Sunderland, was named the first NHS Charities Together champion and is an ambassador as he raises funds for over 240 NHS funds, supporting staff, volunteers and patients.

Shirt that LFC captain Jordan Henderson wore when Liverpool beat Barcelona 4-0 at Anfield in 2019

Jordan’s father and mother-in-law Donna have created their own JustGiving page to collect for their South Tyneside and Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, with over £ 19,000 raised to date.

If you would like to donate for fundraising, click here.

Donna prepares to do a 10,000 foot tandem parachute jump at Shotton Airfield in County Durham on Sunday October 24 for the fund.

The Jamie Carragher Foundation 23 also increased the fund with a donation of £ 3,500.

Brian, 66, who still has regular check-ups, said: “We just want to reimburse the people who treated me and we want to raise him ourselves.

“Donna had a parachute jump on her bucket list and when we decided to fundraise we thought it would be a good way to help.

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“We want to come in as much as possible to thank the ENT department for what they have done for me and for really helping other people come up with what I had and other conditions.

“The new equipment is state of the art and will really benefit many patients in the future by helping to diagnose them as quickly as possible.

“I know 100% I wouldn’t be here without the Sunderland team of specialists and my wife.”

Brian shares details of the tapes being auctioned through his Instagram account, which can be found via @ daddyhendo14

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