IL judge throws woman out of court over graphic t-shirt, meow!

What to wear in court today… Suit, tie, nice shoes… How about a t-shirt that says:


Maybe not the best idea… laundry day, ma’am?

That’s what Jennifer LaPenta did in an Illinois courtroom, and it didn’t end well for her.

Jennifer was there to support a friend, that’s a good thing. Wearing that shirt and having it pointed out by a judge, bad move.

Judge Helen Rozenberg cited Jennifer LaPenta for contempt of court and sentenced her without hesitation to 48 hours in jail… Oh, and she was kicked out of the courtroom in handcuffs. Ouch! Who makes the rules now, lady?

Cat with a mug of beer.


Jennifer LaPenta reportedly considered legal action against the judge after her embarrassing moment in court, but nothing else came of it. She obviously can’t dress for a friend’s court appearance, what do you think she would wear for her own court appearance.


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Yes, the judge “has the hammer, so she makes the rules”. In the court order, Judge Rozenberg said Jennifer “displayed herself in the front row and offered no apologies for her clothing.” Could she have said it was laundry day, or that her “I heart serial killers” t-shirt was in the wash?

Well, congratulations Jennifer LaPenta, you made me laugh and made my job easier today… I don’t care about a jerk. “I have the blog, so I make the rules.” MDR

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