“If Usain Bolt wore a Spurs jersey in the 100m final, he would have finished fourth”


As Tottenham set to announce Antonio Conte as new manager, we’ve asked for your take on the former Chelsea boss and what he can do at Spurs to make a difference.

Here are some of your views:

Pseudo: A lot of people say Antonio Conte is a winner. It’s Tottenham though. If Usain Bolt had worn a Spurs jersey in the 100m final in Beijing, he would have finished fourth.

Anonymous: If Conte is bound for Tottenham, you will need to ask what conditions are attached to his arrival. If he gets a transfer war chest, many Tottenham fans will wonder why the same courtesy was not given to Pochettino.

Jimmy: Everyone asks why Pochettino was not supported and suddenly we are going to spend. Maybe Daniel Levy now realizes the error of his ways? Some people learn from their mistakes, you know! He’s had a lot of sticks, but it’s up to him to have tried to fix the situation.

Mark: Conte is exactly the Spurs man at the moment. A bunch of lazy “bad apples” on the team who overestimate their worth – Dele, Ndombele to begin with – Levy is looking for a strong character to sort this out. Nuno clearly didn’t have the capacity to deal with it. By value – Spurs are a massive club, this is an opportunity to realize that …

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