How to wear a polo shirt in 7 original ways


The men’s wardrobe is incomplete without some stylish polo shirts. The polo shirt is a simple but timeless garment. As a more stylish alternative to the traditional t-shirt, you can easily dress it up or down, just adding key pieces to complete it. With its distinctive collar, buttons and breathable fabric, this is an item you can wear for any occasion. This versatile piece of clothing doesn’t have to be formal and mundane. With a few simple steps and a little effort, you can create some fantastic combinations from a polo shirt and make it look like iconic fashion material.

How to wear a polo shirt

1. Polo + Shorts

When the weather gets too hot, upgrade your style with a polo shirt and shorts. From denim to chinos, it’s an effortless outfit that will make you look super cool. Go for monochromatic colors to create a clean and timeless style or try a separate combination.

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2. Polo + Chino pants

Sitting between semi-formal and chic casual, chinos are a great clothing choice to complement an outfit with a polo shirt. Keep your look neat and stylish by tucking your top half into the pants and complete the look with white sneakers, loafers or derby shoes.

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3. Polo + Sweatpants

Stay casual and cool with a polo shirt and sweatpants. Complete your look with stylish low top sneakers and a weekend bag. To avoid looking sloppy, make sure clothes are snug and clean – there’s a fine line between athleisure and mess.

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4. Polo + Blazer

From casual dining with friends to casual working days, a polo shirt with a blazer works wonders. For more formal events, wear a white or black polo shirt with a dark suit.

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5. Polo + Jacket

Try teaming a black bomber jacket with a beige polo shirt. Pair the bomber jacket with your pants for a uniform and elegant ensemble. Plus, white polo shirts and denim are made for each other.

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6. Polo + Plaids

Pair your polo shirts with checked pants for a relaxed, clean and timeless style. For casual days, keep the polo shirt not tucked in and make sure it fits properly. You can easily rekindle some of that mid-century appeal by recruiting a pair of pleated pants for your cause.

7. White Polos + Pants

Try wearing white shorts with a light blue polo shirt and hat at the beach. Best of all, piped polo shirts know how to play well, so they’ll pair just as easily with plain white socks.

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Advice on wearing polo shirts

1. Watch out for buttons

Keeping the top buttons closed is an easy way to create a neat look. On the other hand, keeping them open isn’t a bad idea for some casual occasions. Make sure the buttons on the shirt are not too low, otherwise it will look like another v-neck shirt.

2. Adjustment matters

The fit of a polo shirt shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, so make sure you can move around comfortably. The polo shirt should be long enough that you can always tuck it in. Plus, it should be short enough that you can wear it loose. The sleeves should touch about halfway up your biceps and no longer than 2/3 down your upper arm. It is normal to be a little tighter in the chest and arms and then to narrow down to the waist.

3. Colors are important

Aside from the fit being the primary concern, it’s also hard to go wrong with the color. For example, a tone-on-tone polo shirt with a shade similar to your overcoat will work just as easily as a contrasting pattern. And to add a little fun to the party, wear a polo shirt in a different color to stand out in the crowd.

Avoid them when wearing a polo shirt

  • One of the biggest polo hacks is looking for polo shirts with little or no branding. Don’t let the logo be the center of attention. Patterns can be cool, but when it comes to the brand, keep it minimalist.

  • Avoid wearing a polo shirt with an undershirt as this adds extra bulk. If you insist otherwise, choose one with a neckline that won’t be visible.

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