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A high-quality button-down shirt is the cornerstone of every man’s wardrobe. On the one hand, it might be the most versatile piece of clothing you can own: you can dress it up with a light sports coat and a pair of raw denim jeans, or you can pair it with a suit. baggy and a tie for more formal occasions. . Either way, what’s important is that the shirt looks good and feels good, and that’s where the problems start.

There are literally thousands of different button down shirts available in stores and online, from fifty dollar Gap oxfords to luxury designer brands that will sell you hundreds per piece. And there are a hundred factors to consider: the style, shape and stiffness of the collar and cuffs, the appearance of the yoke and button placket, the length and width and stiffness of each piece. – and it looks like every shirt you buy has a combination of the above.

One obvious solution is to simply go to your local tailor and have them make a shirt for you. Custom shirts have become a major trend among the most stylish men in recent years, not only for the absolute control they give you over all aspects of design, but also, and most importantly, for the precise fit they offer. . Tailored to your body rather than regular size formats, a custom offset fits better than anything. There is only one problem with the custom trend: you have to find a tailor to do it. And while places like Indochino and Suit Supply have gradually popped up in big cities, there are still a lot of guys out there who don’t have the luxury – or the desire – to do it in person.

What about online? This is the question I asked myself when I heard about Shirts my way, a new company that offers a perfect personalized shirt, designed and controlled remotely. It is a difficult prospect. The whole point of a personalized shirt is that it is personalized for you, and it was hard for me to imagine that a company would make the right choice without having me in front of it. So I decided to take a look and try it for myself. Here is what I found.

Design your shirt

To begin with, the Shirts my way The website is quite sleek and easy to navigate, which is a huge boon right away – you don’t want your confidence in the process diminished by a sloppy UI or a feeling of confusion in the order. You start by selecting a fabric from dozens and dozens of swaths available, which cover a fairly predictable, but certainly attractive, spectrum of colors and patterns. I went with the company’s most popular line, the Lynnfield 13, which is a pinstripe blue and white fabric that looked deep and lavish online.

Then you tap on the design options. The Shirts My Way ordering system strives to make this part of the process as easy and therefore as painless as possible, although I admit I found the sheer number of choices a bit overwhelming. Choosing between the collar styles (buttoned, cutaway, longpoint, etc.) is quite easy, because I already had that in mind. Likewise to know if I wanted French cuffs or buttons.

But then things get very, very specific. Did I want a plain yoke or a slit? Central or side folds? A seamless or standard or concealed button placket? Then there are the small details: what color of buttons did I want? What color button Holes? These are details that, frankly, I had never thought much about before, and the pressure to choose the right detail in each category was a little too much. Still, the choice is yours, and people who are very picky about their shirt designs will surely be happy to have so many options.

Size your shirt

Here is the tricky part. Recording your size accurately is the most important part of the ordering process, and My Way Shirts does a good job of impressing you with that fact. You have three sizing options with varying degrees of difficulty. The first, and easiest, is to simply choose from a series of standard sizes – a good option if you fit well with standard sizes and just want to customize the look of your shirt. If you are feeling more adventurous and want to be thorough, you can pull out a tape measure and, with the help of a friend or partner, comprehensively measure yourself and record details via an online tracker. . You put on the collar, chest, waist, hips, length, back, sleeves, armpits, biceps and cuffs – a lot of work, but I actually found this part of the process quite fun, almost like visiting a tailor at home.

The only problem is that you are not a tailor. I asked my partner to help me with the measurements, but they didn’t come out correctly – our fault I’m sure, but it’s worth mentioning that I had enough trouble with this step so that the numbers I entered would have gone to being made, my shirt would not have fitted properly at all. Fortunately, the system has an alternate method of customization: you can measure a well-fitting shirt and have your design created based on those measurements. This produces a slightly more generic size than what you would get with your exact body numbers, but it’s a lot easier and safer to do it that way – and if you know you have at least one well-fitting shirt. , the results will fit super. That’s how I finally did it and the navigation went pretty well.

The result

I received my shirt fairly quickly – it arrived from China – and was immediately impressed with the presentation, which includes a sturdy fabric sample booklet should you wish to reorder. As for the shirt itself, the first thing I noticed was that the fabric I had selected didn’t quite look the same in real life as it did online: the color was correct, but the overall appearance was slightly brighter than I expected. But that’s the kind of difference you should expect when ordering online, and the shirt still looked great. In terms of construction, the shirt was more or less perfect: extremely well put together, clearly, with a perfectly formed collar and cuff and high quality stitching on the buttons.

And the cut? As promised. I had measured from a shirt that I knew would fit me precisely and naturally this one did too, matching the measurements entered. My takeaway is that ordering a personalized shirt online obviously has some drawbacks compared to buying in person, but neither does ordering anything else on the web – in other words, don’t let the size problem scare you. If anything, the process overall turned out to be pretty fun, and it was exciting to receive such a high-end garment in the mail knowing it was designed just for you.

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