How to Get Custom Outfits in 2022

Roblox offers its users a wide range of options to customize their avatar or character. Players can purchase or acquire free items such as clothing, accessories, and other cosmetics.

The developers also allow players to design their own avatar clothing, which they can then equip. They can additionally sell bespoke items to the community and earn a hefty amount of Robux for themselves.

Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to create custom clothing, so here is a guide on the same.

To note: Users must have Roblox Studios installed on their PC to create a custom shirt design.

Guide to creating custom outfits in Roblox (2022)

The following steps may give players a better idea of ​​creating custom shirts and other items using the templates:

1) Download the template for the shirt

The developers have created templates for items such as shirts available on the Internet, and players need to download them to their PC. Here are the steps to get the particular file:

Step 1: Visit the game’s official website and press the “Create” button.

Click 'Download it here'  button to get the particular model (Image via Roblox)
Click the “Download here” button to get the particular template (Image via Roblox)

2nd step: Next, select the “Shirts” section and press the hyperlink – “Download it here”.

The model will soon be uploaded to their PCs.

2) Modification of the model

Once players have the model, they can modify it according to their needs and preferences. Here are the simple steps that can be followed:

Step 1: Open the downloaded template and paste the required colors/patterns into the boxes for the arms and torso.

Model can be edited (Image via Microsoft Paint)
Model can be edited (Image via Microsoft Paint)

2nd step: Once the required changes are complete, players can save the file to get the custom shirt.

The attached video can give the user a detailed overview of the changes

3) Download the template

Players must finally upload their custom models:

Step 1: Navigate to the same “Shirts” section on the Roblox website and choose the file.

2nd step: Enter the name in the text field and press the “Download for 10 Robux” button.

Their model must eventually be uploaded to the website (Image via Geoffrey James/YouTube)
Their model must eventually be uploaded to the website (Image via Geoffrey James/YouTube)

Their custom design will then be uploaded and they can proceed to equip it.

If players want to test their model before downloading it or spending the Robux, they can do so through Roblox Studios itself. They can check out more details here.

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