Here’s your chance to wear one of Randy Pitchford’s shirts

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford is auctioning off his selection of “noisy shirts” to support “a developer scholarship”.

A tweet posted by the official Gearbox account refers to a week-long auction that currently includes 47 lots. As of this writing, all have active bids on them, though it’s impossible to know how many, as each is a “blind bid”.

New Tales from the Borderlands – Official Trailer.

“Gearbox fans may have noticed the loud shirts worn by our leader over the years,” Gearbox tweeted. “Now these shirts can be yours!

“Randy is auctioning off dozens of garments, with all proceeds funding a developer scholarship. Blind auctions are running through September 9!”

Interestingly, as noticed GamesRadar+it’s possible Gearbox Scholarship Programs may be beneficiaries of the charity auction, as neither the About pages nor the FAQ reveal where the “developer scholarship” will be hosted or which charities may benefit from the auction.

ICYMI, Gearbox Software co-founder Randy Pitchford stepped down as the company’s chairman earlier this year. Former chief technology officer Steve Jones replaced him, while Pitchford retained his position as CEO of The Gearbox Entertainment Company (the holding company of Gearbox Software) and president of Gearbox Studios, which will oversee development of the shows. film and television from Gearbox.

Did you know Telltale Games’ Tales from the Borderlands is getting a sequel of sorts, courtesy of lead Borderlands developer Gearbox?

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