Giants wear fantastic football shirts to support Joc Pederson after Tommy Pham Slap | Launderer’s report

Harrison Barden/Colorado Rockies/Getty Images

The San Francisco Giants back Joc Pederson in his fantasy football fight with Tommy Pham.

Giants players wore shirts defending Pederson’s view ahead of Monday’s game against the Kansas City Royals:

Yates Estate @FieldYates

I missed this yesterday: The Giants showed up to their game yesterday wearing shirts that said, “Fantasy Football 101: Hiding players on IR is not cheating.”


Pederson was slap by Cincinnati Reds outfielder Tommy Pham before a game last month, with the altercation stemming from a fantasy football argument. Pederson later said that Pham accused him of cheating by placing a player who had been ruled out for the week in the injured reserve spot.

“I sent a screenshot of the rules, how it says if a player gets kicked out, you’re allowed to put them on IR and that’s all I was doing,” Pederson told reporters.

Pham was suspended three games for hitting Pederson.

When it comes to the fantasy football debate, managers need to do everything they can within the rules to help their teams win. But remember, try not to cut ties with the people you play with every year.

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