Get Ryan Reynolds’ Cool Long Sleeve Polo Shirt For Workout This Fall

Let’s be honest, the key to looking your best in the summer is a chiseled body. After all, the weather gets so hot that clothes can become an afterthought. But when fall arrives and the temperatures start to drop, it’s time to spend some of your hard-earned cash on supplementing your wardrobe with the right equation of layering cool clothes for stylish style. But then you look at your bank statement, ouch. Summer was expensive and the holidays are approaching, so what does a guy have to do?

That’s why we’d like to draw your attention to Ryan Reynolds’ recent New York Comic Con look – and no, that wasn’t his. dead Pool suit. The long-sleeved knit polo shirt has the comfort of a lightweight sweater, the day-to-night collar, and the option to swap out your Oxford button for extra warmth in the cold season. Reynolds stylist Ilaria Urbinati explained the power of the knit polo shirt to Men’s health a few months ago, discussing how men can dress to flatter their build.

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“On an athletic build, if you reduce the size of your polo shirt, you will look amazing,” Urbinati said. “It” will look great on the shoulders with a little stretch and stay snug everywhere else. Today, most of my clients prefer the woven polo shirt to a button-down shirt for comfort. COS is one of my go-to brands for a great knit polo shirt.

It’s no wonder Reynolds chose to wear a COS long sleeve knit polo shirt for his New York Comic Con appearance last Friday to promote free guy. The fine knit hugged her shoulders, biceps, and pecs, but provided comfort throughout the busy day of greeting signs and fans. While the event is a bit more laid back than a red carpet first, Ryan looks sharp, without looking too stiff.

For a versatile polo shirt that costs less than $ 100, the value of the cost per garment makes it a great bargain to slip on for any fall occasion. From office hours under your must-have blazer to parties under your leather jacket, this fall-style staple will become your new style secret and save you time when deciding what to wear in the morning.

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With long sleeve knit polo shirts at all prices, any man can easily elevate his style and show off his gym gains this fall. Deadpool might save the day, but Reynolds just saved your tight budget.

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