Gambling logos ‘could be banned on football shirts’ amid massive sports advertising shake-up

Gambling logos could be Banned from soccer jerseys in massive sports advertising reshuffle “with snooker, darts and boxing also about to be hit” because government is ready a general ban similar to tobacco advertising

  • Football may soon do without the money from sponsoring gambling companies’ shirts
  • Government reportedly consider blanket ban on sports betting logos
  • Premier League clubs reportedly hit the hardest, along with darts and snooker

Football clubs could be banned from using gaming logos on their jerseys as part of a massive sports advertising reshuffle, it has been reported.

The government is considering a blanket ban on sponsorship of betting company kits, according to the Times, a move that would hit Premier League and Championship clubs the hardest. Teams in the top two divisions make around £ 110million a year through shirt deals with gambling companies.

Currently, eight out of 20 top teams have their jersey sponsored by betting companies – Burnley, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Leeds, Newcastle, Southampton, West Ham and Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Premier League clubs could be banned from using gambling companies as sponsors of their kit

West Ham have a £ 10million per year deal with Betway, Leeds United’s deal with SBOTOP is worth £ 7.8million per season, while Newcastle are paid £ 7.5million per year by Fun88. In the league, there were 16 out of 24 teams that had betting partners last season.

Sports such as snooker, darts and boxing would also be affected if the ban comes into play as partnerships with gambling companies. Every Professional Darts Corporation top 10 player has a betting logo on their jersey, the report adds.

Sports officials have been warned by officials that a crackdown was underway, he said, with ministers “increasingly concerned” about gambling addiction.

The possible move, which would signal the biggest change in sports advertising since the ban on tobacco promotion, has been hailed by lawmakers and activists alike, fearing that sports stars will “walk the billboards” for betting companies.

Fulham is one of eight top-tier teams with a gambling company as a kit sponsor

Burnley has £ 7.5million deal with LoveBet

Fulham is one of eight top-flight teams with a gambling company as a kit sponsor (left); Meanwhile, Burnley (right) has a £ 7.5million deal with LoveBet

Matt Zarb-Cousin, Director of Clean Up Gambling, said: “Footballers, darts players, snookers and rugby players are like traveling billboards for gambling companies.

“Evidence shows that this type of advertising has a negative impact on children who grow up believing it is necessary to bet in order to play sports.”

Sir Iain Duncan Smith, senior official of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling Harms, said cracking down on shirt logos was a positive step but urged the government to go further and ban industry advertising altogether .

“Banning gambling logos on sportswear would be a welcome step, but given the risks gambling presents, the government will need to address this issue more broadly. A complete ban on gambling advertising is long overdue and should be brought forward before the next gambling review. ‘

Darts are among sports that would be hit hard by crackdown on betting advertising

Darts are among sports that would be hit hard by crackdown on betting advertising

A Premier League source told The Times a ban will come “at the worst possible time” with clubs already struggling with match income during the coronavirus lockdown.

“This is coming at the worst possible time for football clubs and sports clubs in general, which are struggling with their revenue base during the pandemic,” he said. “Most clubs agree with the general principle, but now is not the time.”

The digital, culture, media and sports ministry, which is leading a gambling review, insists no decision has been made on a ban.

“We are undertaking a comprehensive review of gambling laws to ensure they are fit for the digital age. We are committed to fighting problem gambling in all its forms. No decision has been made.


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