G/FORE Polka Dot Polo Review

I often say that with disruptive brands like G/FORE, you fall into two camps: either you get it or you don’t. I’ve always been drawn to golf apparel that isn’t what you would call predictable, and predictable is definitely not a word you would associate with G/FORE, or any of the garments in its stylish spring collection. /summer 2022. This dot design highlights the point of difference. Many brands would have produced a polka dot pattern with a uniform size; G/FORE’s mix of smaller and larger stitches emphasizes that non-conforming is in its DNA.

What is my height/what is my build?
5 feet 8.5 inches, average height.

What do I normally wear? Does it fit large/small?
Medium, which was a perfect fit – not too loose or too tight. G/FORE also tends to get the perfect length on their polo shirts. If you want to wear it untucked – as many people will with a brand like G/FORE – it’s not too long. You read that right – it’s possible to look stylish if you wear a polo shirt, like this, untucked!

How did it fit/feel/execute?
Like all G/FORE gear, the quality is excellent. I appreciated the soft touch as soon as I put it on for the first time. Made with super lightweight and breathable pique tech, it’s extremely comfortable to wear and is very breathable, so I didn’t feel hot when temperatures rose during my testing.

Any additional details you notice?
I really like the necklace. G/FORE makes this cutaway style necklace, which looks really sleek and contemporary. The brand excels in small details. The buttons are soft to the touch and the rubberized logo on the neck is also a snap. There are three colors available in this style, white, blue, and pink, and in my opinion, they all look great.

G/FORE Polka Dot Polo Pattern

(Image credit: Kevin Murray)

Can you wear it off the course?
Yes. The logo on the neck is very subtle and resembles a fashion polo shirt. Anyone who buys a G/FORE polo shirt will find themselves wearing it off the course, even those who naturally tend to separate their golf and non-golf wardrobes.

How does it come out after washing / do you need to iron it?
Manufacturer’s advice as follows: wash inside out. Machine wash warm. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. Low iron. Do not dry clean. I didn’t find it necessary to go anywhere near the iron. As with most G/FORE garments, they are so easy to care for – hanging up does the trick.

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