English football shirts and old match tickets worth up to £ 950


England face Italy at Wembley Stadium this Sunday 11 July in hopes of bringing the trophy home – we reveal what memorabilia could sell for a tidy sum as football fever soars to new heights

We reveal what memorabilia from England could be worth a small fortune

English fans who have old shirts and old match tickets gathering dust in their loft might be sitting on a small fortune.

Football fever reached new heights after the Three Lions secured their place in the Euro 2020 final – their first major tournament final in 55 years.

Their victory means Gareth Southgate’s side will now face Italy at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 11 July in the hopes of winning the trophy.

After the success of the national team, football fans might want to check out if any memorabilia in their possession could earn them a fortune.

We’ve rounded up five items that recently sold for a tidy sum on eBay.

Of course, you have to keep in mind that the final price you might get for an item is never guaranteed when you put something up for auction.

Or if you are thinking of buying derivative products, beware of counterfeit products and scammers trying to squeeze money from you.

Old football shirts – £ 950

This England shirt was signed by Viv Anderson



Some of the most treasured memories of England that we’ve spotted on eBay include old football shirts that have been signed by former players.

In one example, a 1978/79 Admiral jersey signed by former footballer and coach Viv Anderson fetched a whopping £ 948 on the auction site.

In his product description, the player said, “It was signed“ All the best Viv Anderson 5/8/09. ”I guess this was given by Viv at an event or as a gift.

“The shirt has been framed in the past and has a few marks on the sleeve from where it was attached to the backing, these can be seen in the photos.”

We also spotted a shirt worn by Tony Adams in 1988 during an England v Netherlands match in London which sold for £ 750.

The seller said: “Adams scored a goal and an own goal in the game. The shirt was traded with a Dutch player who provides a COA.”

Match balls – £ 640

A game ball could net you a few hundred pounds



If you have a match ball it can be worth up to £ 640 if you sell it on eBay.

An Adidas Speedcell soccer ball from the 2011 U21 European Final in Denmark was recently sold at this price on the auction site.

England faced Spain in that game, drawing 1-1 at the final whistle.

Upper Deck Boxes – £ 450

Upper Deck Cards Are Valuable To Some People



Upper Deck collectible cards sell for a tidy sum on eBay, especially if you have sealed boxes of them.

These are types of cards that are especially valuable to collectors trying to complete their set.

The best-selling sealed box we’ve seen on eBay originally sold in 1997 and sold for £ 450.

It contained 24 packs of cards, with six cards included per pack.

Old Games Tickets – £ 270

Don’t throw away ticket stubs as they might be worth a bob in the future



Ticket stubs can be sold for a few hundred pounds, with their value increasing if they haven’t been used.

We spotted an unused ticket from the iconic England-Germany World Cup final in 1966, as well as an official pass, recently sold for £ 271.66.

The saleswoman said the ticket belonged to her husband who decided to watch the game in the pub with his friends.

She said: “It has been in my husband’s possession since he received it in 1966…

“The pass belonged to the friend who gave him the ticket and was given to him at the same time and he kept it to prove its authenticity.”

Another ticket, this time used, for a match between Greece and England in 1982 also sold for £ 269.

Old gaming programs – £ 250

This old game schedule from an Italy v England match sold for £ 250



If you still have an old gaming program, it can sell for up to £ 250 in good hands.

This is what happened during a stadium program for the friendly match between Italy and England, played on May 16, 1948 in Turin, Italy.

The seller said: “This is the only official program I have ever seen for this game.

“The item is in good condition except the white paper is discolored with some foxing on the front and back covers and the staple is rusty but not bleeding.”

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