Do you like the Ayam brand? You can now wear it on your Uniqlo shirts

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Uniqlo is back with another UTme! collaboration, this time with a classic Malaysian brand that everyone loves: the Ayam brand.

The Taste of Home series from UTme! T-shirts and tote bags will feature beloved Ayam brand products, from the iconic sardine tin to cute tins of tomato baked beans, from a tin of santa kelapa to a box of fresh pineapple chunks.

For the love of sardines.
(Credit: Uniqlo Malaysia)

Whether you like vintage nostalgia or modern-inspired looks, there are a total of 30 different designs available for placement on t-shirts and tote bags.

These are stickers!

Yes, unlike previous collabs that featured select designs on specific colors of shirts or bags, the Ayam Brand collection is actually stickers.

(Credit: Uniqlo Malaysia)

You can choose to place any sticker on a UTme! t-shirt (RM79.90 for adults, RM59.90 for children) or a tote bag (RM79.90). Create your own unique location for your favorite design!

For more information see the Uniqlo website Where Facebook page.

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