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Welcome to Style Spotting, a recurring column highlighting the unique clothes and accessories worn by some of the most stylish men we know. This week: Tyler, the polo shirt from designer Giannetti Factory.

A full decade after the release of his stunning mixtape Bastard, Tyler, the creator graced (jumped, really) the Recording Academy podium to accept his first-ever Grammy Award for his hit album IGOR. The title track from her first release laid out her plans since 2009 (“My Goal In Life Is A Grammy, Hope Mum Attends The / Ceremony With All My Mates”) and last night was a full time. Prior to his long-awaited victory, Tyler built a reputation as one of the most cutting-edge artists to date, not only for his comedic endeavors and ever-growing albums, but for his fashion sense.

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He attended the awards show wearing brown chino pants with wide pleats, pink Wallabee shoes, a Golf Wang baseball cap and, most notably, a wide striped polo shirt. The shirt itself was custom made for the Los Angeles artist by the Giannetti factory, the same factory producing products for some of today’s hottest rising brands like Reese Cooper, Staatsballett, bare fists, Bowl and more.

The polo shirt follows Tyler’s signature golfer style and features wide, wavy stripes in shades of cherry red and pink. Although Giannetti produces his own products (which tend to sell), fans can only hope that this unique polo shirt will see a wider release.

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