Class ! The 10 best European soccer jerseys this season


Summers are meant for three things. International tournaments. Transfer the excitement. And a new kit is launched. Arguably the new kits are the most satisfying of the lot.

There is a real mix in the Premier League this season, with fans from Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City going all out in third-choice efforts. Across Europe, however, there are stunning shirts with no zebra prints in sight.

If you really don’t like the gang on your side this season, check out some of the mainland efforts you could opt for instead…

Honorable mention: home, away and third for Loch Ness FC

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Admittedly, Loch Ness FC isn’t really known for much other than being located near the contested monster of the same name.

The football club has fully embraced the monster, the myth, the legend this season – making a full tourist shop on home, away and third jerseys. Maybe the inclusion of Nessy is the marketing boost the Sixth Level could do with it.

10. Bayern Munich third

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Champions of Europe, the cream of Germany and an embarrassing stock of wealth in every position (especially left-back, oddly enough), Bayern Munich went simple and subtle with their home and away jerseys – featured in the final of the Champions League and 8-2 destruction of Barcelona, ​​respectively.

For the third jersey, Die Roten has become a bit more jazzy. Artistic diamond shapes, similar to the Bavarian flag and the exterior of the Allianz Arena are glued throughout the kit. This is a unique design that could well become a classic if Bayern has another season like last year.

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9. The house of Galatasaray


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Galatasaray has one of the most underrated brands in European football. It’s the biggest club in Turkey, with an iconic badge, stadium and club colors, and in fact many of their shirts over the years have gone unnoticed.

We hope this one will receive the credit it deserves. Again, it’s very arty for a soccer jersey but we’re big fans of the red to orange fade on this one. Nike hit him out of the park again.

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8. Juventus absent

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The paint strokes are there, it’s clear. But while the Juventus home shirt is a bold statement and their orange third shirt looks a lot like something Hull City would dismiss, Juve’s navy effort is magnificent.

The shade of blue itself is gorgeous and paired with white it looks understated and classic. And there are the sleeves – the white rings really shouldn’t work but they look fantastic.

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7. Atletico Madrid home

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There’s not much you can do with stripes. Juventus discovered this with their half-and-half kit last season and Atletico Madrid were subjected to diagonal stripes and weird discolorations, simply because Nike cannot release the same kit with a different shaped collar each time. season.

Disclaimer: This season is essentially the same kit with a different collar. But it’s a classic navy collar with buttons, while the stripes are slightly jagged for a modern feel. It’s the perfect mix of vintage and novelty and it looks great.

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6. Home of Stade Rennais

We are talking now. French mosaicist Isidore Odorico played for Rennes before becoming club president in the 1930s. The Stade Rennais academy works closely with a school that bears his name.

For the club to remember him with his signature mosaic style is indeed a very beautiful decision. The kit itself is gorgeous too, completely unique and something fans will remember for years to come. Great job all around.

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5. Home of Inter Milan

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With an iconic sponsor at Pirelli, location in one of Europe’s fashion capitals, and associations with Ronaldo (the good), Ibrahimovic and Samuel Eto’o, Inter Milan are arguably the most stylish club in the world. . Atalanta is a favorite with booming hipsters, but black and blue belong to Inter.

This year’s home shirt is no exception. Again, what can you do with stripes? In the The case of Nerazzurri, they zigzagged the buggers. The third shirt is a nice tribute to that classic gray ’90s effort, but Nike absolutely nailed the home shirt this time around.

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4. Real Madrid third

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There’s no shame in that – but Real Madrid’s kits tend to be a bit… bland. When you’re the biggest club in the world, it’s hard to make bold fashion decisions that could divide your huge fan base. So, they are the same whites, purples and blacks. If Adidas goes for a brighter color, they certainly don’t associate it with a garish pattern for fear of alienating the Madristas.

This season, all three Los Blancos kits are tied in the same shade of pink. The house is white with pink trims, the part is just a hot pink number, but the third is a stylish charcoal shirt with a patterned print inspired by the iconic paintings of Azulejo tile art found in the city of Madrid. By far the most beautiful of the three. Potentially Real’s best kit in years, too.

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3. Rome outside

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Roma has worked with Nike for seven years now. Notable efforts during this time include the third blue shirt with the classic yellow pop collar and lightning white shirt – both from last season – as well as that bright yellow shirt from a few years ago that featured a the Italian capital.

All three of Roma’s shirts are gorgeous this season. The house presents the classic ‘ghiacciolo’ style of the 80s, while the third uses elements of Nike’s Safari Air Max sneakers. But you can’t beat the distance. An old-fashioned off-white top Lupetto badge and vintage collar. We’re sorry Nike isn’t making the Roma shirts next season.

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2. Marseille away

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It’s hard to know what to put on a graphic print, if it adorns the entire kit. Nike opted for stadium-inspired graphics last season for most of their clubs – think home of Chelsea, Tottenham’s third – while the previous season they printed stylized maps of club towns on the stripes. alternatives (we just mentioned Roma).

The Marseille away kit this season is simple but refreshing. An illustrated image of Marseille buildings with yellow lights left in some of the windows, this is a beautiful piece of design. Colors also work wonderfully together.

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1. Ajax away

Ajax are known for a very particular style. For white with a red block in the middle of their shirt. For this side sponsor of the 90s, for the iconic black jersey from their last Champions League escapades with gold and white accents. Home shirts are often bright, others dark and elegant.

No more. This outdoor shirt is the brightest and iceiest in years, featuring a retro graphic throughout. The best part for us is that it’s completely fresh and different and yet it still looks like classic Ajax. there were white and red accents all over the place and it still doesn’t seem overdone.

The best in Europe? It is arguably the best in the world. Donny van de Beek must be devastated, he swapped this masterpiece for the zebra shirt.

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