Cameron Grimes grabbing John Cena’s t-shirt: “The first thing I did was look at the tag on the t-shirt. I had to know what size t-shirt he was wearing.” – Wrestling News

This week, while speaking with Sportskeeda, Cameron Grimes discussed John Cena’s return to Raw, as well as Cameron, NC.

Cameron Grimes talks about John Cena’s return to RAW:

“I think it’s absolutely amazing that John Cena is back,” Grimes said.

“I’m actually going to talk about a side story here. I remember around 2007, maybe, RAW was in Raleigh, NC, and I had to go to the show. John Cena came out, took off his shirt , whipped her, threw her into the crowd, and I grabbed this t-shirt. I remember grabbing this t-shirt and the first thing I did was look at the label on the shirt. I had to know what size t-shirt he was wearing. He had an XXXL t-shirt on and it was still tight on his arms.”

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“That man is a monster. John Cena is the man. I look up to him so much. Anytime he can come back and really be the star that he is on our show, I tune in every time. “

Grimes speaks from Cameron, North Carolina:

“I feel like the only reason you would know about Cameron, NC is because of pro wrestling or sports entertainment,” Grimes laughed.

“I think unless you buy chickens, you might know Cameron, North Carolina. I have a legacy of knowledge that I was able to learn from with The Hardy Boyz and ‘Hurricane’ Shane Helms. I learned from those guys and I had to train with those guys. For years I was in the ring every day. You couldn’t get me out of the ring. Then I “I was signed to WWE. Now I’m in better condition. I’m under the best coaches using the best equipment. You just can’t beat that. You can’t beat passion and hard work.”

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